Things of Interest to Bullseye (and International) Competitors

by Edwin C. Hall

Do-it-Yourself Projects by Edwin C. Hall:
Do-it-Yourself Projects by Dick Flagg:
Projects by Retired Gunsmith Derrick Martin:
Other Projects:

Some Ed Hall Articles and Posts (Bullseye List, Target Talk, etc.)

Dr. Norman Wong's Eye Articles

Ron Steinbrecher's Fundamentals Series

Places that host Bullseye Competition

East Coast Matches from Delaware through Georgia

Trigger Training with the Rika Electronic Trainer

Recipe for Red Oil (Note this is a lubricant as opposed to Ed's Red solvent/lubricant)

Military Specifications for Match Grade .45 Ball (.pdf)

Robert Brown's Pardini .22 Magazine Modification to lock the slide back after the last round

Cleaning and Adjustments for the Hammerli 208s

Some Suggestions for Making it Easier to Compete

Some Lists of Things to Take to Matches

A Growing List of "Where to Finds" accumulated from Bullseye-L and other places

A List of Interesting and Informative Sites (and pages, including NRA and CMP links)

eWorld Shooting Association Info

Some Information about New York State Firearms Laws

Some information about transporting firearms and hollow point ammunition into/through New Jersey

TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 44 > Sec. 926A Interstate transportation of firearms

Long Lake Fish & Game Club - Home of the Long Lake Black Bear Annual Championship

Tupper Lake Rod & Gun Club Bullseye Pistol League

Bullseye.xls - A Scoring Program for 2700s

BasicLeague.xlsx - A Very Basic Tracking Worksheet for BE Leagues

Several Forms for Competition (NRA SR-1, Score Cards, CMP EIC Entry/Score Form and CMP Eligibility Affidavit)

Targetstats.xls - A File of .22 and .45 Testing Statistics

USAMU Video of EIC Rapid Fire with M9 (use right click and "Save Target As" to download)

A Beretta 92 Load Recipe from David Sams


Clifton Fine I.D.P.A. League

Non-Shooting - Math Oriented

AliWin2 - A GUI by Edwin C. Hall for Aliqueit by Mikael Klasson

Steps to install and set up Aliqueit on an Ubuntu computer