Excel Based Bullseye Competition Scoring Program

by Edwin C. Hall

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This Excel package was designed to provide a basis for 2700 "Bullseye" competition management. This package is capable of tracking up to 998 competitors. (Actually, it can track far more than 998 for everything except awards.) It is not a commercial program, however it runs under Microsoft Excel, which is a commercially sold product. This version will display results for all matches through the Grand Aggregate. The order of matches is 22 Slow Fire through the Grand Aggregate patterned after an outdoor competition (2700). For the Sub Aggregate (.22, CF, .45) results, the preceding matches for that gun are also shown. In addition to the scores being tallied, the application also finds the Open (W)inner, (S)econd and (T)hird overall (if opted) and the place awards for each class grouping, based on decisions made on the "Options" sheet. For those familiar with Microsoft Excel, the results as well as other items, can be further groomed to fit most needs.


Be sure to check the "Changes" section at the end of the documentation. Some items in the changes section supersede items earlier in the document.

Download Bullseye2018.xlsm (apprx 350k)

Download BullseyeRifleVersion.zip (zipped) (apprx 165k) - Modified for Rifle Matches