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mostly by Edwin C. Hall

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    Pistol Shooting: The Art

    The following twelve articles were originally written for The Marksman, a newsletter for the 12th Precinct Pistol Club in Maryland.

  • Part 1 - Comfort, Consistency And Establishing Hold
  • Part 2 - Studying The Trigger
  • Part 3 - Notes, Averages And The Bigger Picture
  • Part 4 - Some Work With "Dummy" Rounds, Plus A Bit On Competition
  • Part 5 - Moving Things Into The Subconscious
  • Part 6 - Forming Good Habits That Work At Home And Away
  • Part 7 - More Trigger Work
  • Part 8 - Trigger Again And Being Positive With Your Target
  • Part 9 - The Value Of Routines
  • Part 10 - Things To Do Away From The Range
  • Part 11 - Figuring Out A Use For Red Dot Sights
  • Part 12 - A Detailed Study of Cant Effects

    Advanced Topics

    These are some additional topics I've been working on. Here I've called them Advanced Topics. I've discussed these in various detail from time to time and thought I'd put them to print.

  • Advanced Topic 1 - Building From a Single Shot Forward
  • Advanced Topic 2 - The Difference Between Training and Practicing

    BE List Excerpts

    The following are excerpts from some messages placed on the Bullseye List. Some were edited by one of the members and used for training. (Thanks Paul)

  • Eliminating Flyers
  • Working on Hold and Trigger
  • 2006 New Year's Training Exercise

    Short Shooting Stories

  • Short Stories