Dr. Norman Wong Articles as posted to the Bullseye List (plus*)


Camp Perry National Matches - 2004
Dr. Wong shows a pretty fine .45 target

Norman Wong, O.D., has been kind enough to provide several articles and posts regarding vision, to the Bullseye Shooting Community, through the avenue known as the Bullseye-L Internet Forum. Because the older archives are no longer available and to provide a consolidated source, some of his topics have been placed here.

[Note: To the right is a picture of Dr. Wong's shooting success at the 2004 National Matches. There's also a Team picture from his Navy days at the bottom of this page.]

Onward to his words of wisdom. Thanks Dr. Wong!

*Plus(new): In addition to the material posted to the BE List found below, Dr. Wong has had several articles printed within the pages of Shooting Sports USA. They can be found at these links:

Topics from BE List:

  • ABBE Values
  • Inaccuracies with Eyeglass Prescriptions
  • Eye Exam with Eyechart at 20 feet vs. 50 yards or 1,000 yards
  • Red Dot Focusing Position
  • Use of Obsolete Prescription Eyeglasses as Shooting Glasses
  • Keeping Focused
  • Shooters' Eye Dominance and Suppression, Sighting with Dot Scopes
  • Sight Fading, Troxler Effect and Oxygen Deprivation
  • To Occlude or not to Occlude
  • The Ideal Pupil
  • Suspicious Pupils
  • Shooters with Ocular Migraines
  • Lutein
  • Amblyopia (Lazy Eye), Our Future Bullseye Shooters
  • (Doc Wong's) Non Glare, Concentric Ring, Anti-Parallax Red Dot Scope Enhancer
  • Health Warning, Protect Your Eyes
  • Target Image Size Through The Red Dot Scope
  • Results of the Red Dot Position Survey
  • An Insight to "20/20"
  • Ocular Lubricants for Shooters
  • What Are Floaters?
  • Nutrition and Eye Health
  • Iron Sight Visual Perception Under The Open Sun
  • VERTEX DISTANCE, Optimum Vision or not? (How your shooting glass Rx may be affected) (added Feb 2010)

    [Ed's Note: Found below is a picture of Dr. Wong with his Navy Pistol Team shortly before his separation in 1977 and a shooting break of 25 years. He started shooting again in 2003 with his first 2700 match in 2004. It didn't take him long to move back to the top making the President's Hundred in both 2004 and 2005 at the Camp Perry National Trophy Matches. (I like the looks of that target behind ENC Gunsett's left shoulder - Lt. Wong's point, perhaps?)]

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    OS1 Edward Lockerd OS1 Edward Lockerd ENC John Gunsett ENC John Gunsett YN1 Danny Martin YN1 Danny Martin Lt. Norman Wong Lt. Norman Wong OMC Bryce Welluitz OMC Bryce Welluitz FTG1 Mike Flannagan FTG1 Mike Flannagan
    1977 Recruit Training Center Pistol Team 
Commanders Cup Champions 
Great Lakes Naval Base