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Welcome to Star Reloaders

A new website dedicated to information and discussion of the old Star Machine Works Progressive and Universal reloaders made from the 1930's to the 1990's. We are not a commercial business and are not affiliated with any commercial reloader manufacturer, although our members do provide support and resources! The Star Machine Works of San Diego produced these exceptional reloaders and deserves their reputation for quality products. The company is no longer in operation, but the name and lifetime quality continues on for future generations of reloaders and shooters.

If you've scoured the web for information about this precision reloading equipment, you know there just isn't much out there. Lots of shooters own and use Star products as part of their success. Most members are happy to share their knowledge and experience and learn that others share their enthusiasm for Stars -- that's the reason for this website.

It is dedicated to Star owners and fans everywhere.

If you own one or many of these fine machines, want to find out why so many great shooters use them, or are just looking for more information and help, you've come to the right place!

We have lots of information and plenty of members willing to share tips and ideas. Please encourage your family, friends, and shooting enthusiasts to share their information and experiences with Star products in our open discussion forums.

This site will continue to update history, product information, manuals, FAQs, accessories, and the open discussion forums. Here's what we've been doing:

UPDATE: February 15, 2004 -- updated website include addition of a Acrobat PDF version of the Star Instruction Manual for Installing and Operating The Star. Download it from the Manuals page.

UPDATE: January 15, 2004 -- updated the discussion forum to include a Photo Album for our archivist to post rare original document images. Added Personal Image Galleries for registered forum members. Updated History with U.S. Patent information and details of Star Machine Works of San Diego and the place Stars hold as the giant leap forward as a modern progressive reloader.



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A Star Progressive reloader for .38 Special caliber only. Updated Progressives may have the "OO" powder slide assemblies and charge bars to support .357 Magnum powder loads. The metal powder magazine tube was often upgraded to a clear plastic unit for more capacity and a visual powder level indication.

Note: The Progressive Model is .38 cal only. Star Universal models may be converted to other calibers. Click here for a FAQ to assist in how to identify the presence of #79U Shell Plate Locating Straps on the Steel Floor Base. Progressives, such as the one pictured do not have them.


Feature Articles: If you are interested in writing feature articles about Star Machine Works, accessories, or reloading that will be of interest to our members, please contact the site adminstrator to make the necessary arrangements for posting articles to a feature forum.

Documents: We are looking for information needed to complete documentation on Star and related accessories from companies including Brewster, Chevron Case Master, Freeloader, Hulme Firearms, Hoag, and many others. If you have literature or information that would be helpful to document in the archives, please contact our archivist.

Star Employees/Family of Star Employees: If you have personal experience with Star Machine Works of San Diego or are a family member, please get in touch with us. We are hopeful to record your recollections and possibly answer a few questions about the company. Please contact us.

Scanning or Mailing: Original documentation, brochures, marketing materials, owners manuals, parts lists, price lists, or anything else Star related would make a wonderful addition to the archives to be enjoyed and appreciated by everyone. Please send high quality scans, color photocopies, or the original items. We offer document scanning*.

To contribute, please send email to and we'll make the arrangements for your contriubtion to the archives.

* We scan and return all originals within 10 days of receipt.


We invite you to visit and become a member of the StarReloaders open discussion forums. The forums cover a wide variety of topics and allow members to exchange information and post questions related to ownership, use, repair, maintenance, and items for sale or want to buys.

There are no fancy qualifications other than a vaild e-mail address. A few basic rules of conduct keep things friendly. If you have further questions or need assistance with joining the forum please contact

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We take the privacy of every member and visitor seriously. No information will ever be sold or provided for marketing efforts. We do our best to limit advertising and banners to shooter or reloader oriented information, and that content will always be limited so as not to distract from the site.

If a member wishes to contact another member the forum supports private messages as well as sending e-mail through the forum. All message addresses are blind if a member wishes to keep their address private (that's what we recommend).

If you believe your information or privacy has been abused, please report it for investigation and immediate response. Contact

We would like to feature a different member's Star reloader each month and learn more about it's history, condition, and present day use including calibers reloaded and the number of years or rounds you estimate it has produced.

We will feature maintenance tips and helpful suggestions for parts sources, repairs, and upgrades for your Star reloader.

Please send us your requests and info. Experienced retired reloaders are encouraged to share your experience and mentor those new to Star reloading tools.

Suggestions and Feedback are Always Welcome

If you have suggestions or feedback to improve this website please contact us at

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* Notes & Legal Disclaimers: Star Machine Works logo and original materials are from the former Star Machine Works Company, San Diego, CA. This website is not affiliated in any way with the former Star Machine Works.

We do not claim to be experts. Some of our members have years of experience with the Star Machine Works Co. and their products. CAUTION: Reloading can be dangerous and any content, suggestions, or opinions offered by members, guests, or owners of this site are just that -- opinions. Check any advice carefully and proceed with caution. Always follow safety precautions or ask someone with more experience for assistance.

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