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The "L" Handle
« on: December 19, 2009, 07:59:11 am »
Recently, while visiting Rich Daniels here in Connecticut, I noticed that his slew of machines had "L" shaped handles.  Rich and I got to talking about them, and he showed me the three various types of Star made "L" handles which Star sold as options over the years, and then showed me one of his own "L" handles with a nice Delrin roller grip.

I did obtain one of these handles made by Rich.  Let me tell you that the "L" shaped handle does make your operating position feel more natural and less apt to have wrist cramping or discomfort over long operating periods.  You just have to be aware that the L handle in the fully down position does come close to the primer slide fixture so hand position is key otherwise you can pinch a thumb.

If you have not used an "L" handle before on the Star Universal, I would say you should give it a try.

Secondly,  One of the good guys over on the Cast Boolits Forum (Lathesmith aka Chris) forum makes an "L" handle for the Star Lubrisizer along with dies for the sizer and punches.  Likewise his L handle is nice to use and again an improvement over the standard handle for that Star machine.  The shovel handle is also nice with the roller grip.

Lathesmith did not know about us here at StarReloaders so he may join us!
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