Author Topic: My Intro to Star Reloaders from Bob Chow  (Read 70 times)

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My Intro to Star Reloaders from Bob Chow
« on: February 09, 2020, 03:31:45 pm »
After my first 1911 was built by the late Master Gunsmith Bob Chow he asked me what I was used for reloading. After I told him he said "That won't do, come by next week with your primers, power and bullets and you can use by Star". The next week my brother inlaw and I went to the shop and Bob taught us how to use his Star Reloader. What a fantastic machine, construction and quality second to none. So every couple of weeks we did our reloading at his shop, one day Bob called me and said they took in a Star and to come by. I had no ideal what was going on, we arrived at the shop and he said this is ours and to take it fully apart and clean it. The Star came with 45ACP and 38SP tool heads and the lubersizer. I asked him how much he wanted for them? Bob said we'll talk about it later, everytime I went to the shop I asked how much, finally a year later he told me. We were pretty much surprised at the price.

A couple of years later I found myself helping him out on Saturdays, he taught me how to accurized 1911's. Bob only taught maybe five people his method of build 1911's. I felt very honored, back in the late 1950's he had another student, a gentleman named James Clark. When I met Clark at a NRA convention and told him who taught me, he replied "Bob thought me more about accurizing 1911's than anyone else". Bob also taught me how to shoot in bullseye matches, and general gunsmithing. I guess he knew a little about pistol shooting since he was on the 1948 Olympic Pistol Team and held 29 world shooting records. Bob and his wife Bobbie always treated as one of their own, this something I have always treasured.