Author Topic: Seeking the advice from a Commercial Electrician  (Read 2619 times)

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Seeking the advice from a Commercial Electrician
« on: January 25, 2013, 01:16:19 pm »

In the process of machining replica Star parts I rely on my three phase power generator to run my machine tools.

I would like to install a three phase jack so I can plug in lesser used equipment as needed.

I seek council on which NEMA plugs and receptacles to purchase. Along with a suitable surface mounted box to house the receptacle.

20 amps 240 volt would be the load desired.

Perhaps this individual has surplus parts??? I know a guy that could supply replica Star parts as barter.




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Re: Seeking the advice from a Commercial Electrician
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2013, 03:26:40 pm »
I am not a registered electrician.  That said, I did this type of setup with my phase converter in the garage.  Basically, the converter has a pigtail with a female Hubbel twist lock plug that my lathe and mill can plug in to.  I found several mating pairs of plugs at a ham radio swap meet or engine show swap meet.  These have at least four conductors for the three hot legs and one ground.  Dont need the neutral.  If you buy the plugs from an electrical supply store they are expensive (maybe 70 dollars a pair based on amp rating).  The issue is there are so many configurations of these twist locks you need to have the mate to really test them.  There are sets with 4 conductors in the big box stores but the amp ratings are much lower.  Depends how much power your equipment would draw.  This would be something to keep an eye on.