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Sizing die bodies
« on: February 14, 2011, 01:06:25 pm »
Copy of e/m from Lee

We aren't sure if we ever got back to you regarding the Star press dies, but thought it was better late than never and if we have then you have a second copy. We do have sizing die bodies only available for the Star press in the following calibers:
-44 Mag
-38 Special
-38 Super
-45 Colt
-30 M1 Carbine
-380 ACP
-40 S&W
-45 ACP
-41 Mag
-32 S&W

This dies cost $30.00 each.  Please call us at (262) 673-3075 if you would like to place an order.

I was told there is a hole for the Decapper but of random diameters and there's room for case clearance only. I hope this helps you.

Thank You
Laine - Customer Service
Lee Precision, Inc.

Myself I'm just going to reprofile a sizing,seating and crimp die and hit Dave up for the expanding die and call it good