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A. R. "Dick" Harris:  I would like to purchase the 3 pc Lifetyme die set with shell plate in 38 spl.
My email is, erniethegunsmith at yahoo dot com  my telephone number is 928 565-7985 I also
left a message on your phone. Thanks, Ernie

Star History / Every Star has a Story
« on: August 06, 2013, 10:13:58 pm »
My interest in Star reloaders began in 1972.  My friend Bob French, who was also a student at the Colorado School of Trades, said one day that he had just traded for a Star reloader, and that I should come over to his house and see it.  It turned out to be a universal in 45 ACP, with an extra tool head set up for 44 Rem. Mag.

I was still relatively new to guns and reloading at that time, but I immediately recognized that this Star reloader was a tool of very high quality.  Bob offered to trade the Star for my pre-64 Winchester M-70.  After some thought, I said no.  My reasoning was that since I had seen this Star so quickly after enrolling in gunsmithing school, that I would continue to see them on a regular basis.  The next one I saw was in 1976.  This was after moving back to Southern California.  That man wanted $500 for his star, with no trades considered.  I had to tell him no as well.  I just could not afford it.

What followed was a 28 year dry spell, with no Star sightings at all.  I always felt that I had made a mistake by not trading the M-70 for the first Star I saw.  The M-70 was now long gone, but I knew I would still have the Star, had I traded for it.

One day in 2004, a customer walked into my Gunsmith Shop near Sacramento, CA.  He asked about the cost of installing a muzzle brake on one of his rifles, and doing trigger jobs on two others.  After quoting him a price, he said he would have to think about it, then turned to walk out the door. As he was half way out the door, he turned back to ask if I might be interested in accepting a Star loader in trade for the work we had just talked about.  I asked if I could see the loader.  He said that he would bring it in after work tomorrow.  And he did just that.  It was covered in cosmoline, but I did not have to look at it for very long before saying “it’s a deal”.

After agreeing, he said, “oh by the way, I have some more parts out in the truck that go with this”.  He walked back in the shop carrying a wooden box.  In this box were 4 extra tool heads, each one complete with Lifetyme dies and appropriate powder measures.

This mans gunsmithing work went right to the front of the line, and was quickly completed.

My immediate interest on your website, is the location and purchase of a few parts.  These would be top plates for the Hulme Case Feeder, adjustable powder bars, a powder drain and primer feed tubes.
Regards Ernie Paull
erniethegunsmith [at]

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