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Title: Loading Plated Bullets
Post by: FOR_Star on December 19, 2018, 05:09:28 pm
I've never loaded plated bullets, but have recently picked up some 9MM plated (not coated) bullets at Holiday discounts.  For trial, I got 3 different types and/or weights.  One brand is .356 & the other is .355.

These will be for plinking & informal target shooting, loaded to approx 1,050 fps.

My question really is related to expanding/seating and crimping.  Anybody have experience loading plated bullets on their Stars?  Any particular advise on expanding (I have a stock Star 9MM expander plug), or on crimping (have a stock Star 9MM taper crimp)?

Has anyone found it beneficial to use a modified or 'custom' shell expander plug (i.e. - steeper taper or M-Style) to avoid scraping the plating?  Any need to champher the inside of the case mouth, something I usually don't do for pistol cases.

Thanks for sharing your experiences.