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Guidelines for Posting
« on: October 10, 2004, 11:54:21 am »

Guests are permitted to lurk in discussion forums but may not post topics and interact with members until they join. Signing up is very easy and will only take a few minutes.


Members may post and make full use of this board for discussion and exchange of opinions. Moderators will remove posts that are off-topic, or contain offensive or inappropriate content. If we remove posts, the member will be notified and provided with a full explanation. If the behaviour is not reformed we may block members from posting or remove them from the discussion board.

You may post any topic or content related in any way to Star Lubricator & Resizers, components, accessories, bullet casting, lube recipes, etc. This is an open public discussion and members from all over the world will be participating or lurking as they wish.

Good discussions often have passionate members that strongly express their views. Please maintain respect and courtesy to keep things positive and productive.

Avoid sending excessive private mail to other members. Unsolicited messages may result in complaints. All complaints will be investigated and disciplinary measures taken as needed. Please report abuses to the Administrator.


Moderators hold elevated responsibility for the content on discussion forums. Members may disagree with a moderator's decisions and all appeals will be made to the Administrator. Administrator decisions are final and may result in disciplinary measures against member or moderator alike.

Moderators may not remove content simply because they do not agree with another member or believe the member is misrepresenting or wrong. These issues may be addressed as member to member or by posting a reply so other members may decide for themselves.

Please edit or remove content that is offensive. Off-Topic posts may be relocated to another forum. Offensive content will be edited or removed to the private Quarantine Forum for investigation.

Explanations may be added to messages, but the member must be notified about the moderation actions via e-mail or by private message.

If offensive content continues or the single instance is believed to be deserving of disciplinary measures, please report to the Adminsitrator immediately.