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Loading Data & Reloading Procedures / Re: Cam over
« Last post by fc60 on December 05, 2023, 07:59:10 pm »

With 7/8-14 dies and bottle neck rifle cases, "camming over" ensures the case is forced into the die for proper head space.

The Star is designed for Pistol cases and, as such, camming over is not needed nor desired.

If the face of the Carbide sizing die contacts the shell plate and you "cam it over" you risk fracturing the Carbide ring.

To adjust the Carbide Sizing die, back it off and cycle the press down where it is at "bottom dead center". Hold the handle with one hand and screw the die down until it just touches the shell plate. Nip the lock nut to hold the die in position and cycle the press fully to ensure that the die is not being forced into the shell plate.


Loading Data & Reloading Procedures / Cam over
« Last post by jcullen on December 05, 2023, 03:00:32 pm »
What is the purpose of cam over, I own multiple single stage presses, when they went cam over, it seemed the die was hitting the shell holder What am I missing???
Loading Data & Reloading Procedures / Re: .45 Brass small primer thorn.
« Last post by jcullen on December 02, 2023, 08:39:41 am »
Brian, You de-prime and size before using the Star, did you remove the Star resizing die from the head....Thanks
Loading Data & Reloading Procedures / Re: Glass powder measure
« Last post by jcullen on November 30, 2023, 07:20:39 am »
Loading Data & Reloading Procedures / Re: .45 Brass small primer thorn.
« Last post by brian_a_mcmillen on November 29, 2023, 04:49:10 pm »
This is one of the reasons why I always process my brass entirely before I load.  I size, decap, clean the primer pockets, sonic clean, dry then tumble before I even think about putting them in the Star.  I know it takes a ton more time but I actually enjoy reloading especially in the winter.
Loading Data & Reloading Procedures / Re: Glass powder measure
« Last post by brian_a_mcmillen on November 29, 2023, 04:45:31 pm »
I bought one but haven't put any powder in it yet.  The glass really isn't fastened to the aluminum base very well though.  It is basically a pressure fit on cork so it seems like it could slip off pretty easily.  I am thinking that I will glue the glass to the aluminum base which should fix it.  The shutoff seems to be decent although you will still need to catch whatever powder is still in the powder slide and just below the valve so probably 2 charges or more will still drop after you close the valve.  Anyway, for the price, I don't think it's too terrible.

My 2 cents....

Star Reloaders / Reloading 22 TCM
« Last post by brian_a_mcmillen on November 28, 2023, 07:23:40 pm »
In the spirit of my quest to load all of the pistol cartridges that I shoot on my Star equipment, I have (with a tremendous amount of help) gotten a setup to load the tiny 22 TCM.  First, Manuel Cepeda designed the most challenging part which is the powder spout.  I sent him a hand full of casings and he spent over a month designing a spout that could put 10.6 grains of H110 through the .222 opening with nearly 100% accuracy.  His design is very ingenious and works perfectly.  I am seeing less than half of 1/10 of a grain variance between charges.  I designed the top plate of my Hume case feeder using Tinker Cad and had another buddy of mine print it on his 3D printer and presto, I can feed the 22 TCM case!  I then borrowed the .223 shell plate from my Dillon Super Star Conversion kit and I am cranking out the TCM almost as fast as I can shoot them. 

I would really like to thank Manuel Cepeda for helping me with this project!

Star Reloaders / New indexer
« Last post by Scott L on November 28, 2023, 12:55:15 am »
I saw this on Ebay and am not affiliated.

Index Assistor for the Star Progressive Reloader and Universal Reloader by New Iron Machine & Design.
Loading Data & Reloading Procedures / Glass powder measure
« Last post by jcullen on November 23, 2023, 05:54:24 pm »
Anyone try one of the glass powder measures with the powder shut off advertised on  E-bay for $50 ?
Star Reloaders / Re: 223 conversion parts
« Last post by brian_a_mcmillen on November 10, 2023, 08:58:18 pm »
Might be mission impossible to load 223. Missing too many specialized pieces   I have managed to set up machines in 45 acp 40 S&w 9 mm 38 super 44 magnum 10 mm 38 special all with adjustable powder bars mostly hoag.  Also have the B&G mounting base.   Most important lots of spare parts

There just so happens to be some .223 arms on EBay right now…
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