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Kenneth L. Walters:
Joe Dircks.  Now there is a name not many know.  I met him when I was 32, 30 years ago.  He use to vacation at a little hot springs somewhere in new mexico.  Went there to meet him.  I remember that he had retired, the first time, the year I was born, 1943.

Joe, of course, made two straightline progressives, the Dircks and the Tri-Standard.  Still have his pictures of those, I think.  The Dircks, as I recall, was totally automated.  Electric motor to power it.  The Tri-Standard, made some years later, was hand powered.   Don't remember the company history anymore.

One thing you might consider is calling Tony Sailer.  Last I knew he still lived in Owen Wisconsin.  I think that Tony got rid of most of his press collection but you never know.

Are you interested in selling Wemco Machine? Cordially ARMAC

Kenneth L. Walters:
I got an e-mail recently from a fellow whose father bought the rights to the Tri-Standard.  Apparently he has several operational machines.  Don't know if any are for sale but...

Do you have contact information for him?

A note to eaglemike's post about the guy who used a wighted primer follower:  The weighted follower was used to keep a constant downward pressure on the primers and works exceedingly well. And Yes we had a primer tube blow -all that happened was the follower blew out of the tube- the tube nor the machine was damaged in any way - the weighted follower had nothing to do with the primer detonation. If I remember correctly a swedged 9mm case got buy us( this was over twenty years ago). This was the only time we had a primer tube or any other mishap. Not bad considering we had over twenty Star Machines set up and  I might also add that Elard knew of the episode and Star was never at blame and there was NEVER EVER any mention of any kind of law suite. Elard was a very close friend, and we have always been a champion of the Star Machine Works. Chris Hawkins of Hawkins Reloads and McKeon and Son Reloads.


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