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To Kenneth Waters,

I appreciate if you can share your knowledge of the Wemco Williams Star Reloader.? I have seen product literature on the machine but do not know if they ever existed or anyone who claimed to have one.? (I think I spelled the machine name correctly.)?


Kenneth L. Walters:
I don't know what a Wemco William Star reloader is?  You can e-mail me at [no e-mail] or call at 928-714-9484.

I came across some old product literature for a Synchronmatic Reloading System mfg by Wemco-Williams, Beltsville, Maryland.? From some of the pictures, it appears to be a Star Reloader that has been modified to be a automated commercial loading system.?It has a motorized system for indexing, auto bullet feeder, and Chevron case feeder.?
Let me call you later this week.?
- -Steve

Kenneth L. Walters:
Not familiar with that one.  I was never interested in the companies who built just accessories and particularly not interested in anyone who made an automatic indexer.  I don't remember this company.  Sorry.

steven d. ogden:
I owned a complete Wemco-Williams mnachine in 38 spcl.  I still have the base and (I think) a bunch of spare parts.  It was a star universal machine mounted on a steel base.  The "ears" on the toolhead were cut off allowijng the machine to operate in a full circle.  The Synchromatic had a long arm driven by the shaft which replaced the Star operating handle.  The Sync used the Hulme case feeder (as I recall), but had its own indexer,  bullet feeder, and case collator (prior to the Chevron).  I think I may still have the original instruction book and, as I said, I still have the base sans Star machine. This machine blew up on me with a Brewster primer turret installed with about 300 small pistol primers (which also blew up).  I don't believe I ever used the machine again.  However, if one were using processed brass (sized, decapped, and good primer pockets) and  non-sticky bullets, I think one could load ammo at the rate of 1800 or so rounds per hour.  With primed brass, the machine would probably be a whiz.


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