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45 Colt Shell Plates made by Star are generally marked LC.   So I'm guessing yours was made by someone else.  A picture would help.
The only marking on the shell plate is a G stamped in the recess on the bottom side.I donít have any pictures with me at the moment so I canít post any pics until after work.

Thanks for the info on the 45 colt markings to look for, I will certainly check that out.

Edit:You know now that I think about it I guess itís possible that that is a C instead of a G thatís stamped on the bottom sideÖ I will look more closely when I get home.

The 45ACP sizer can be used for 45 Colt.

Check the seating die for identification. 45 Colt was stamped "45 C" on some I have seen.

How is the shell plate identified? If genuine Star, it will be stamped "45 Colt" or "45 C".

Photos of the suspect parts would be a great help.


Yes the sizing die is marked 45acp so hopefully Iím good there, but I will check them out more closely tomorrow. Since I donít have the correct shell plate I havenít been able to run any cases through to check it out yet, but I can try to take some measurements

I thought maybe I might be better off just keeping this one and try to do a little horse trading with it instead of sending it back for a refund.
Look on e-bay for 45LC shell plates. They go for more than .45acp plates. Maybe 3 times?
Are the dies correct? Marked .45acp and not .45LC? Several hundred dollars difference.
The .45acp dies are the second most popular dies in the Star line up.
Shell plates are out there.
Good luck,
It appears that the case diameter at the base for 45LC is .48 so that appears thatís what this shell plate must be designed for -  .01Ē slop for the case sounds about right. 

Just heard back from the seller and unfortunately it wasnít just a mix-up, it was misidentified. Anyone looking for a 45LC shell plate?  Heís willing to take it back of course but Iíd rather find the plate I need.
Star Reloaders / In process of converting to 45acp
« Last post by daviscustom on March 14, 2021, 06:14:27 pm »
Hi, I finally put together a little bit of money to convert my universal over to 45 ACP. I bought a tool head with dies and a shell plate.  Still missing a few parts, but Iím in the process of checking everything out that I just received, and I discovered that the shell plate openings are large enough that a 45 ACP casing will pull straight out if itís not pushed all the way to the back of the groove.  Iím guessing that must mean I have a 45 LC shell plate instead? Iím wondering if that is a less common shell plate than 45 ACP, and if I should pursue getting a replacement from the seller if itís available or if I should keep it and try to trade for a 45 ACP shell plate and maybe a few of the other parts that Iím needing? I thought maybe we could turn it into a win win for me and somebody looking for a 45LC plate.  I think really all Iím lacking is the large primer punch and nut, and the large primer feed bar.  Iím also going to be needing a charge bar but I donít know yet which one.... maybe a blank. 

It looks like the openings in the shell plate are .492Ē wide.
Star Reloaders / Re: Powder Measure
« Last post by tony barone on March 14, 2021, 02:13:06 pm »
I have loaded over 280,000 rounds on my Star and every round has been perfect, can't say that about any other machine. The powder drop and primer operations and many other things are what separates the Star from others.
Star History / Re: Powder Shut-Off
« Last post by NYKenn on March 08, 2021, 08:21:09 am »
Posted by EagleMike elsewhere in this forum 11/01/2005.

"I remember several times Elard would grumble about people wanting a powder cut-off. He indicated that he thought it was a bad idea. He wanted to be sure the machine would always throw a charge. He also wanted to be sure the safety cam was installed and working on every machine not using a taper crimp die. A friend of mine - Frank Appel - designed a safety cam that would work with the taper crimp die (at Elard's request), and sold some to Star. I still have a few. This was in the 70's, and CNC was still quite expensive, so only a low quantity was made. I'm not positive the design was ever really fine tuned."

Star Reloaders / Re: Powder Measure
« Last post by Bryan Marino on March 06, 2021, 02:42:19 pm »
 ;D  Please don't misunderstand my post, I mean no criticism of the Star machine, I love it. I have almost forty years experience with Dillons, this is my first Star, sure wish I had tried them many years ago.   ;D
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