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So if the outside diameter of the shell plate was a little smaller than normal that shouldnít  keep it from working then right?Ö Since that should still give me clearance to keep the plate from interfering with the tabs holding the case in place? Is that outside diameter what you would normally expect to see for a 45acp plate?

By the way, I measured the plate at work with my micrometer and it is .2174Ē thick
First off, the shell plate really does look like it was made by Star.   The G is a puzzle, but I have seen some odd markings on Star shell plates.

The slot where the case is inserted looks like it has a beveled edge which would be typical for rimless or semi-rimmed cases that are held in the shell plate by the extractor groove.   Shell plates for rimmed cases like 38 special and 45 Colt are held by the rim and the slot is not beveled (so far as I have seen).  This doesn't prevent it from being used for 45 Colt if the case fits and the recess on the bottom of the shell plate is big enough to accommodate the rim, and is the correct depth.

The diameter of each caliber shell plate is different.  This makes it possible for the shell locator straps to push the case all the way into the shell plate.

I wonder if it was a 45 ACP shell plate that was modified to fit 45 Colt.   I have seen such things.  I won't name any names.

Bruce Williams
Here are a few more accurate dimensions.... my original measurements were done with my retired calipers that I took home with me and theyíre a little bit worn on the tips were you measure inside dimensions.  I discovered the openings for the cartridge pockets are about .480Ē at the back of the pocket and the wider dimension I gave earlier of .490-.492 is in the ďfunnelĒ that guides the cartridge into the pocket.
The ďinside ďdimension I was talking about is the distance from the back of one shell pocket to the back of the opposite shell pocket which would tell you if the holes for the shells were at the right diameter to line up with the dies in the machine.  The center hole seems to be the correct size to fit the main post of the machine.
The internal dimension is associated with fitting over the column.
The overall outer dimension is important to insure the plate seats correctly in the machine base. Obviously if too large and it will not fit and index correctly.  Too small and it will begin to impact shell alignment and location at each station. The locator straps function with a correctly sized shell plate to insure cases are centered at each station of he loading process.

Bruce Williams,   "RBWillNJ"  on this site is the resource for all parts Star.
I would assume the critical diameter on the shell plate in terms of pocket position would be the distance from the back of one pocket to the back of the pocket directly across from it?.... on the shell plate that dimension is 2.763Ē..... maybe Iím missing something but the actual outside diameter of the plate seems less critical.
After further consideration and a second less-hurried look, the dies probably are 45 ACP....hereís a picture with two fired 45acp cases stuck in the seating and taper crimp dies. The case expander is 1 7/8Ē long.

So the big question is the shell plate, is it 45LC?
The outer diameter of the shell plate is 3.678Ē. The bottom counterbore appears to be about .06Ē deep and it is about .57Ē wide.
Hmmmm, it looks like maybe my dies are 45LC as well.

My social secretary was rushing me out the door to a birthday gathering, but I grabbed a fired 45acp and it bottomed out in the seating and taper crimp dies.

The shell plate is .218 thick.  That was the only measurements/tests I was able to preform so far.

Earlier, I did notice the lower counterbore on the shell plate seemed pretty shallow, but I havenít had a chance to measure it yet.

I just realized if Iím going to do a link, I might as well do a high-resolution picture so they should show you more information about the condition
The marking on the shell plate is definitely a GÖ Iíve been monkeying around with my phone and I finally got the pictures small enough, but now thereís an issue with the file type trying to upload them so Iím still messing with it. I also have not been able to find any markings on any of the dies on the tool head other than the sizing die and it is a lifetyme.  It does have two vertical lines cut in the knurling of the sizing die that look like they were done with a cold chisel.
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