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Hello from another new member
« on: January 18, 2010, 04:02:46 pm »
Hello all and it is great to find such a treasure chest of info for the star machines.
I have a universal set up in 38 - 357 that I bought back in 1978 out of the classifieds in Wyoming. Couldn't figure what kind of machine and supplies would go for $750 so had to go and look. Poor soul had gotten himself in trouble with the same law enforcement dudes he was loading practice ammo for. Gave him $50 to hold it till I got back and went to talk to the police. They said they would be happy to buy reloads from me and away we went.
Got the machine and 200,000 rounds 38 and 357 brass, 30 lbs bullseye, 40,000 primers 40,000 bullets and a homemade bench set up for the press. Course that was when you could buy primers for $4.50 a thousand so no big deal there.
Loaded ammo for 12 years for lots of folks and still going great today with no repairs needed. Had ammo manufacturers license then and in all calibers loaded near 3 million rounds. Proceeds helped me to get several other machines and components thru the years.
Picked up a Star bullet squeezer a while back but haven't looked at it much. Guess I better get it out and see what it's set up for.
Find myself wanting an adjustable 00 powder slide now for up to 8 grains bullseye so will be looking around for one.
May even spring for 10mm and 45acp tool head setups as time goes by.
Keep cranking them out,    8)