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Author Topic: How to setup as a Poll Question -- Recommended!!!  (Read 13867 times)

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How to setup as a Poll Question -- Recommended!!!
« on: May 21, 2005, 01:15:06 pm »
To setup a polling question we need to have a Subject. Often this is sufficient, but sometimes we also need to provide more details or explain and focus our Polling questions. Use the message body for this.

Create a poll question by typing in the Poll question field...

Type one of the options you want others to rank in the Poll Option, then click Add option to add it. You can add many Poll Options, might be a Yes or No, or a ranking question such as brands, or other categories.

As you click Add option, the bottom section of the poll expands so you can continue adding options until you are satisfied. If you need to delete a Poll Option, you can do so, or update the options as needed.

Runn poll for allows you to se t the number of days to allow members to participate. Remember that many of our users are not daily or even weekly participants, so limiting the poll to a few days may suggest that nobody is interested when in fact you might need to allow more time and be patient -- often it is best to just leave the question open-ended and let users participate and see how things shape over weeks, months, etc.

Don't forget to check options such as Notify me when a reply is posted, if you want to know when anyone posts an response.

Remember each member only has one opportunity to vote.
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