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Star Reloaders / Re: Whatever Happened
« on: September 23, 2007, 04:08:01 pm »
I thought I sent a post telling of my very nice communications with the new owner of Star Machine works in Pioneer California but I am getting old so who knows??? I needed a #61 Taper pin for the top of one of my Star machines. sent an email to the address I found on the man's web site and received an answer almost overnight.
I requested the complete cost of one (1) pin with the shipping to me here in Southern Oregon. A whopping $9.00 got the pin four days after I sent the postal money order to the man, no problem 1st. class U.S. Mail.
The companies email address is:

I hope this will put to rest the worries about buying new equipment or replacement parts, oh by the way I spoke to the owner by phone just to introduce myself and found him to be a very nice man that is indeed going to try and make a go of Star in the tradition of San Diego.
Good loading to all,
Tom Corso K6TC1

Survey Says... / receiving parts from the NEW Star
« on: September 20, 2007, 10:58:50 pm »
I read all of the comments about how people were being taken advantage of by the man that bought out Star of San Diego.
I have to tell you all that's not the case in my dealing with him at all.
I ordered the "Taper Pin" I needed to complete one of the Stars I own.
I emailed in the order asking for the complete price with the shipping received and answer the very next day, sent the funds and one week later, today, the Taper Pin arrived first class mail.
That reminds me, Just to say "hello" and maybe see what kind of man I'm going to be dealing with now, I was very pleasantly surprised as this is a real gentleman that will do well if given half a chance to serve you....K6TC***

Survey Says... / Re: What caliber do you reload most?
« on: August 19, 2007, 02:35:26 pm »
***Of my four machines I use the .45 ACP machine by far the most.
Next would be the .45 long colt machine
Then the .44 spl. and mag machine in both calibers
Last would be the .357 Mag-.38 special machine
When our team was competing in the SouthWest Combat Pistol League we would spend 3 evenings casting the bevel based #68 [no e-mail]@ bullets, then a full evening running the bullets through the 4 Lubricators/re-sizers.
Last would be three persons running one machine, one to actually run the loader and two others to feed him the componets.
Each of the members would go to the range with one large ammo can full to the top with his .45 ACP ammo, just how much or little he would use was up to the individual but always when a practice session was set each member would always start with a full can.
Well we always bought our primers in 30.000 lots Bullseye power in 15 pound kegs if that gives you any idea?
Tom Corso, K6TC1***

Star History / Re: Number of Star Reloaders produced
« on: August 14, 2007, 11:00:03 pm »
Elord told me once that at the height they were turning out 500 a year.  Exactly when that started I don't know but it went on for decades.

For a considerable period Star had large standing orders for their machines.  Thus they didn't have to advertise.  If you found them, they would sell you a machine.  All the rest went to a few very big customers.

Star help Mike Dillon get started.  Mike's first product was the so-called Super Star kit which converted a Star Universal into a machine capable of reloading 223's.  Elord helped Mike develop that.

Mike's first machine, the Dillon RL1050, was meant to be a Super Star kit built from the ground up.  Financially it was a blop.  That forced Mike into machine machines like his current line.  When Mike became the leading progressive manufacturer, he specifically set out to destroy Star.  I never understood why.

The Wilkinson family, two generations of which worked for Star, would probably know more.  The elder Wilkinson retired to somewhere in the Phoenix area.  God only know where.  There are about a dozen towns down there.  His son, Rob I think, might have gone there too.  Might be worth a search to see if there is a Rob Wilkinson in the phone book somewhere.

One last thought.  For a long time Star Universals sold for $450 I think.  That was a lot more than they cost to make.  Star was getting so many orders, however, that they raised the price to $950 to cut interest.  It had just the opposite effect.
***Ira and Dot retired to Cottomwood Arizona, I believe Robbie went with them***

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