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Survey Says... / receiving parts from the NEW Star
« on: September 20, 2007, 10:58:50 pm »
I read all of the comments about how people were being taken advantage of by the man that bought out Star of San Diego.
I have to tell you all that's not the case in my dealing with him at all.
I ordered the "Taper Pin" I needed to complete one of the Stars I own.
I emailed in the order asking for the complete price with the shipping received and answer the very next day, sent the funds and one week later, today, the Taper Pin arrived first class mail.
That reminds me, Just to say "hello" and maybe see what kind of man I'm going to be dealing with now, I was very pleasantly surprised as this is a real gentleman that will do well if given half a chance to serve you....K6TC***

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