Author Topic: Want to Sell 3 Star presses 2 Tool heads and Tons of Part and accessories  (Read 12591 times)

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Hello Fellow Star People, Its been quite some time since i have posted,  It is time i retire my stars and due to the fact that i would not have any star knowledge without this site i wanted to post the collection here before ending up on EBAY. the pictures say it all. 3 presses 2 tool heads, Freeloaders, Hulmes, case feed tubes, brewster indexer the (2nd indexer is better for part but still usable.) 5 glass power tubes and additional bases. etc. etc... etc.. 2 sets of lifetime dies. I would like to sell it all as a set. once and done. i would consider firearms as partial trade value. but cash is king. thank you for your consideration. please let me know

ar dick harris

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                                                                                                                          1.are the machines all Universals?
2. what bullet and load are they set up for?
3. what bullet and load are the two tool heads set up for?

regarding s/h: where are you located?

I am interested in the complete package!!

Please reply off board as I like some privacy on things like this.
A.R"Dick" Harris


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Please send me "off line " inventory list . and price  & what guns are you looking for ?


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Would be interested in knowing what calibers, loads, pricing, etc.  Thanks  call 864-423-1205 cell


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I need one toolhead.  How much and what is the condition?

James J. Grimes
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If not sold, send reply off line to [no e-mail]

Thank You,

Bob G.