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Curious as to how many members go to or have gone to Camp Perry.

Since the Star was widely used in Bullseye circles, when Bullseye was THE game, I would imagine a lot.
In the heyday of Bullseye, (I would speculate late 50s to late 60s) the Star was the reloader to own if you were serious about your shooting. Since it did both .38 and .45, and that was all you needed to load target quality ammo that were comparable to, and in some cases superior to factory loaded ammunition.

It is not my intent to insult those that do not shoot Bullseye, as I have shot IDPA, Action Pistol, and IPSC too; with my .45 with ammo loaded on my Star.



Ross Chesley:
Count me in as a Bullseye shooter who has been going to Camp Perry since 2005. My first visit cemented forever a commitment to participate and support National Matches and competitive shooting.

I do not see many Stars at Camp Perry, but occasionally I will meet up with forum members or hear someone mention they load on a Star. Nice to find others out there doing as I do.

This year at Canton Regional in Canton, OH a week before Perry, I spotted several old Star-like presses. One was an older Star Universal in .38/.357, the other was a handmade copy of a Star. At 20ft it appeared to be a Star missing paint and decals. A closer inspection showed everything including the dies were a nicely done home machine shop accomplishment. Neither press stayed on the tables long. I was sorry not to have more time when I spotted them to ask questions and find out more info. When you see one, pounce or regret it. 

If possible, I still like to get a Star from the original owner, or original family. Often they have some history and the press and accessories are more complete and better cared for. I put them to good use or find them a good home with another active reloader. I cannot stand to see Stars rusting away or worse, parted out just to make a buck (since often the parts are considered to be worth more than the whole to some people).

Camp Perry is a wonderful experience. I never see a reloading company on commercial row to show or sell their products. Does anyone remember a time when someone was selling Stars on commercial row at Perry?

Last year was my first and only time to shoot at Camp Perry.  I hope to make it back sometime in the future.   On several occasions I have visited Camp Perry during the pistol championships just to take advantage of commercial row.   I lived in the Cleveland area for 20 years before moving back east.   We still travel back to see friends, and I usually try to time the trips to coincide with the pistol championships.

My first year at Perry was when Star was still in going strong in business. They were not there then, nor any subsequent years. I cannot speculate before my time, but have some friends there in the 60s and 70s and will inquire. I also recall seeing Gil Hebard there as a competitor, but not as a vendor, and he handled Stars at the time.

Nice to hear about a few Stars at Canton. As the "Perry Warm up" Canton offers a lot including time to sell and swap.
Historically, there was always a competitor swap meet and allowance to post items on a bulletin board at Perry. The military policy changed this, and would not allow competitor swap meets for a few years, and removed any for sale items off the board. The swap meet was moved off site to a local club, but time and distance limited any real particpation, and that ended after a couple of years.
I do recall seeing an occasional Star, and Star accessories over the years, but some go back to when Perry utilized four ranges with over 1,000 competitors, and was considering going to five ranges for more. Now attendance is in the 650 to 750 range, and without swap meets, offered limited opportunity to sell/trade/swap Stars or any other items except by word of mouth.
This year, there was a military approved on site swap meet, but it was not well publicised, and attendance and particpation were woefully lacking by both particpants and buyers. Perhaps, the swap meets will again increase. I would expect more Stars to surface as interest in Bullseye declines, and competitors age and move on to other venues. 

I shot at Perry for some 20 yrs. I frequented Commercial Row from '65 thru '04. Over those yrs there were a few stars offered by individuals but no mfg presence. Unfortunately bullseye has been declining for the past 15 yrs or so as is reflected by the no. of perry entrants as commented on by Kenn.

I was fortunate to live on Catawba Island from '65 thru '04 making the matches convenient. Those were the days my friend!!


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