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Bill Cunningham and Star parts

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Hugh Tyer:
 I recently bought a Star universal with 45 & 38 heads. I picked them up at a gunshow along with a sizer luber and two bullet molds.
There were several small parts missing, such as the large primer mag and the primer follower along with the small primer mag and the primer punch and bushing. To make a long story short I emailed Bill Cunningham to order these parts. I received a prompt reply ( next day ) sent him an order and received the parts I needed today.
The whole process took two weeks and I am very pleased. Bill doesn't seem to like the telephone but did respond to email.
Just a personal comment.
Hugh Tyer

Apparently you caught him during one of the moments when he can be reached. Believe me, I, &  others have had the frustration of reaching him then then not reaching him. This has been, and apparently, ever will be. When he can't be reached e-mails will be useless too.

Ron H

Boy you must live right I had no luck at all for parts.

I posted my experience in another topic, but:

I ordered parts in March.
There were some order and mail issues.
(check lost, order misplaced, missed e-mails, etc.)
However, once able to communicate with Bill and get everything straightened out, I finally received all parts in January.

I did re-order another item that I forget. Will let you know how that goes, but I would expect positive response and outcome.

Received additional parts in a timely manner.
Ordered early January, (7th) received yesterday 02/27.

Bill did E-mail me that he was waiting for check to clear since I made it to him not Star Machines. My mistake.
I know Bill has time constraints and other obligations that cause some delay,  but has always followed through with parts orders.
Still a good source.


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