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Following the auction listings on ebay and gunbroker, I have noted the following recent sales. Gives an idea of the recent resale market, of supply and demand.
 .38 only progressive sold on 03/29/08 $ 701.38
 9mm universal sold on 03/02/08  $ 721.88
 .45 universal sold on 03/02/08  $ 585.06
 .45 universal w/case feed and indexer 02/13/08  $ 566.99
All plus shipping costs additional.

Like most quality goods, they still hold value.

Interesting spread on prices. The 38 prog is the real surprise. Usually they are not in high demand compared to the 45 universal. As noted the pics are extremely important. It's often a bit difficult to tell from them. A couple of yrs ago I bid , and bought a set of 45 dies for spares. They looked rusty & were missing the decapping assembly. Turned out to be lube but one die was a 45 the other a 38. Seller stated up front he was not conversant w/ the equip and the price was next to nothing so it didn't matter.

I recently had a friend take pics of a collection of 10 machines many of which are in pretty poor condition. I was very surprised at how good they compared w/ most seen on ebay. Nothing like seeing this stuff first hand!!

Ron H

I agree, Ron. Quite a difference on pictures, and variance in prices. Some include many featuring differant views, angles, etc. Some just one generic picture. Personally, I have asked for more info or pictures, and if not forthcoming or provided feel it is better to pass.
Some, the descriptions are very good, others short and non-informative.
Although, I have found most buyers and sellers who are sincere, are thorough. Unfortunately some just take advantage.

I figured I would list the prices for information as a guide for wtb/wts.

I bought a 38 Progressive Press on ebay a couple months ago, paid $218.00, it was filthy dirty, took it all apart and stuck it in a bucket of solvent, cleaned up it looks like new, very tight and mechaniclly  it works superply, you cant go by what somethings look like, every once in a while, theres a jewel under that crud, iam a happy camper, George.

Recent transactions on Ebay.
.38 universal progressive w/Hulme casefeeder  $ 431.67  sold on 04/13
.38 progressive only $ 355.00  sold on 04/08
.9mm universal progressive with Hulme casefeeder, and indexer. $ 699.00  sold on 04/13


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