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Since Star is no longer in production, parts availability, both original and aftermarket will eventually dwindle. While some can be easily fabricated or adapted from Dillon and others, etc, some cannot. I have been making sure I have some back-up parts on hand if needed for replacement. My first Star was my fathers from 1965, so if parts are not needed by me, they may be for who I pass the presses onto.
Thought I would start a discussion on what users see as essential spare parts inventory.
I figure at the very least:
Extra decapping pins
1 full set of all springs
1 extra primer bar in small and large
1 extra of each size powder bar used

I have not had to replace any parts yet, and that is with over 40 years of use, but you never know!
Would like to hear others suggestions, thoughts, ideas!

tony barone:
Some parts may be available from Star Machine Works.I have a spare set of springs and a large and small primer slide. The only part I had to replace was a powder spring after loading about 150,000 rounds.

Xtra springs are a good idea. I have adapted hdw store sprgs for the primer feed & suppose the pdr slide sprg could be worked out but orig w/b easiest. Toolhead sprgs are a real good idea. I didn't find anything at the hdw, home depot or Lowes.

Anyone have any thoughts on maintaining extra:
Rocker arm tappet, pin, and parts
Primer punch parts; small & large?

Have never heard of the above needing replacement other than from damage.

Having an extra pin for the primer rocker is not a bad idea, but the important thing is to check the pin regularly and make sure it is screwed in all the way.  On some machines they will tend to work themselves out with use.   There is only a quarter of an inch of thread and I have encountered several machines where the pin was allow to work its way out, them became bent when the rocker was putting pressure on the unsupported end of the pin.  The pin was ruined, and difficult to remove.  This situation is totally avoidable.

It's not a bad idea to have an extra locating strap 79U.  These will last forever if the machine is properly set up, but if you adjust the sizing die too low, its easy to break one.   The sizing die should not contact the strap at anytime in the cycle.  I set the sizing die to size down as far as possible, but check with a piece of paper between the die and the strap to make sure there is not contact at any time.

Primer slides and punches and bushings are worth having extras, but if the machine is kept clean they will last forever.  I have three Star Universals for personal use and I have never had to replace a part except for the locater strap because I had the sizing die adjusted to low.   I have purchased and sold a number of other machines, and the rocker pin has been the only part I have had to replace.


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