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Just found site, and read many posts. Already found out information I did not know. Very informative!
For the record.
My father bought a universal Star new around 1965 with an extra toolhead. I still have it in .38 and .45. I also have since acquired others, all universals.
Two are set up with additional toolheads to switch between .38 and .45 toolheads, but mostly one always .45, one always .38 for convenience. Originally and still used for NRA Bullseye 2700 shooting.
The other two have only one toolhead each, and I am going to eventually part with them and other equipment, to reduce all my years of shooting equipment accumulation, once I inventory what I really have to make available.
Am converting one toolhead to 9mm. and will assess what I have, and what I want to keep.
All my rifle reloading is done either via single stage for seldom shot calibers, (7mm, 30/40 Krag, 8mm, etc.) and a Dillon 550 for 30-06, 308, and 223.

I have just joined the Star Forum as well, August 20, 2009.

I am a long time reloader and have had my first Star Universal with two heads (38 Special and 45 ACP) and shell plates since 1973.  I now have two other Stars Universals,  one is set up as 45 ACP and the other as 9mm Luger.
Two of the Stars have Hulme case feeders and the other has a Rich Daniels case feeder.  All three are equipped with Ray Brandes' Moon Unit indexers as well as his case flippers.  Also all three now have MA Lewis's find powder drain 00 attachment for quick powder dumping from the powder magazine.  I have retrofitted a 6 tube CH4D AutoChampion rotary case magazine to my 45 ACP Star with Hulme case feeder.   This is a nice setup and works with the Star quite well. Additionally, I have a spare machine head, shell plate and LifeTyme dies for 40 S&W which typically goes on the 38 Special Star.

I used to run 3 other progressives for pistol calibers.... they are all CH 4D AutoChampion Mark V's in 9mm,  38 Special and 40 S&W and 45 ACP, all with CH4D die sets, and these units are for sale if anyone is interested in them.

I also reload for accuracy in the area of modern benchrest rifle shooting and black powder cartridge shooting with custom H presses and should bump/decapping presses.  No progressives are used in my rifle reloading.

I am a avid lead bullet caster in the cooler winter months, and collect Hensley & Gibbs molds and use either of 2 Star Lubrisizers and bullet feeders for lubing my cast bullets.

I live in Southern Connecticut and for the most part shoot at the Ansonia Rod & Gun Club and the Bridgeport Rifle Club.




Just purchased a used 'Star' Universal Reloader for .38 Special.

Should arrive next Week sometime.

Joined the forum...

I will no doubt be having questions!

Lots of good folks here happy to help out with any questions you have. 
I Hope you enjoy your Star as much as the rest of us have.

.45 next?  Maybe 9mm.

If you like loading on it, (and you should) it should serve you well.

There is a lot of information on this site. Make use of it!
Good luck.


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