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What caliber do you reload most?

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I would like to know what caliber you reload most often on your Star.

Replies are also welcome if you would like to share how many rounds you load per session, week, month, year.

I currently load 45 ACP, 38 Special and 357 (with seperate heads) and 40 S&W.

I recently came into a Berdan tool head and I am in the process of setting it up for 9mm using standard 7/8-14 dies.  In the same deal, I purchased a Star shell plate and dies for 41 Magnum.  Now I need a gun.  

I'm still looking for a 45 Colt changeover.

Up till now its been the 45 ACP.?
I just picked up a 92FS in 9mm so I will be doing more of it.
So 9 mm will be second. 38 Spl third.

Paul in WNY

Update: 45 ACP, 38 Spl, 44 Mag, 40 S&W.

I have loaded entirely .38 Special until now (many thousands over the years).  A member helped me set up a machine to run 32-20 (32 WCF).  Acutally, he did all the work so he gets the credit.  Is anybody else doing that cartridge?

***Of my four machines I use the .45 ACP machine by far the most.
Next would be the .45 long colt machine
Then the .44 spl. and mag machine in both calibers
Last would be the .357 Mag-.38 special machine
When our team was competing in the SouthWest Combat Pistol League we would spend 3 evenings casting the bevel based #68 [no e-mail]@ bullets, then a full evening running the bullets through the 4 Lubricators/re-sizers.
Last would be three persons running one machine, one to actually run the loader and two others to feed him the componets.
Each of the members would go to the range with one large ammo can full to the top with his .45 ACP ammo, just how much or little he would use was up to the individual but always when a practice session was set each member would always start with a full can.
Well we always bought our primers in 30.000 lots Bullseye power in 15 pound kegs if that gives you any idea?
Tom Corso, K6TC1***


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