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Dave Wilson (fc60) Master Machinist

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Larry L. Lawson:
I received dies for 30 Carbine, bullet seating and taper crimp, from Dave Wilson.  I brought same dies to Al Holloway, Holloway Engineering, Quincy, CA. who is himself a master machinist (70+).  He inspected the dies thoroughly.  He stated that the workmanship was "superb" and he, himself, could not do better--true quality workmanship.  As an amateur machinist myself, I am more than impressed with the quality of his craftsmanship.  With Al Holloway's confirmation of my opinion, I want the Star Reloader's Forum to understand what a resource we have.  Everything I have seen of his is of top quality.  Larry Lee Lawson.

Greetings Larry,

Thanks for the kind words.



tony barone:
I'm trying to think of something I need from Dave. The dies and seater stems I received from him should have been stamped Perfection.

lobo solo:
[no e-mail]@ Dave,
Do you have Carbide dies 38 spec???

San Diego


Yes, I can machine new replica dies for the Star.

You would be better advised to place a "wanted" ad on the forum as 38 Special are rather common. This way you would get an original die not a replica.

There were three versions of the Carbide sizing dies. 1) The Perfection Die made by Shockey. It is black in color with red paint highlighting the roll marking. 2) The Lifetyme Die which is flash chrome plated in appearance. 3) Toward the end of Star's existence and both Lifetyme and Perfection had ceased to exist, Star had the dies made by a vendor unknown to me. They are very plain in appearance and the roll marking is not very well done. The latter do function well mechanically, they just do not have the professional appearance of the Lifetyme or Perfection.




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