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I am one of your newest members and don't quite know how to ask questions here. I have five complete Stars (one 38 only) and tool heads and shell plates for 30 Carbine, 380, 9mm,357mag,38spl,38 Super, 41 Mag,, 44 spl/Mag, 45 ACP/Auto Rim and 45 Colt. All are in excellent condition and used frequently (Love shooting).  As I'm 83 yrs young I know these may be for sale in the coming years. I would like to purchase an adjustable powder bar if someone is making them. I have two Star lubrisizers and a lot of dies but might like too buy another die - where??   who?? I'd be happy to talk to anyone about Star use - I've done everything wrong at least once. (Have a hole above one machine  telling me NOT to force the primer feed when it jams). Thanks for listening     DDStraitwell  [no e-mail]

Sounds like you have a nice collection of Star equipment.   If you are looking to buy or sell something, its best if you post your request in the Stars Want to Buy/Want to Sell Section.

Rich Daniels (barreltester) on this forum makes adjustable powder slides.  You can send him a Private Message via the forum.   Magma Engineering still makes the Star Lubesizer as well as new sizing dies.  You can buy directly from them.   If you are looking for a particular sizing die, you can post you request in the Want to Buy/Want to Sell area and maybe another member will have what you are looking for.

I hope you have many years of Star usage ahead of you.

I realize this is an old hread... And, I am new to this forum, however, I can see the value of having this service available...



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