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2011 Values and Prices

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I plan on continuing same for 2011 as in the past from listings on Ebay, Auction Arms, Gunbroker, other sources, etc.
I apologize in advance in that I may miss a few.

Note that the information is subjective. It is based on my impression from listing description and photos that may be provided.
I received one critical e-mail from a seller who reads this forum, stating that I did not represent his machine accurately, and should refrain from making comments about something I did not have opportunity to see in person.
I politely replied that what is written is subjective, and is only my opinion. I also noted the comments are listed well after the auctions close, so the results are not impacted by what I may write. I also avoid lilting seller names so as not to offend anyone.

If anyone has any comments or thoughts on what I should do to make this information more useful, please let me know. I may or may not do it, but will take any suggestions and consider them.

Happy New Year!

I suggest You continue without change,  I look forward to reading Your updates as it contains good info, and I'm sure Others would agree.  So as far as I'm concerned,,, continue to march.

Good Shooting


I appreciate the time you put into collating this information, it makes for interesting reading.
Thank you.

Ken, I am a new member I just bought a new machine are should i say a new / old machine because of you prices It gave me some idea on what to pay. Please keep up good work. It is very important.

                                 Thanks Tguntrader

Kudos to NYKenn and keep up the great work....
I wish we could make the topic a STICKY and pin it to the top or perhaps make a sub forum for it.
Thanks Ken,


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