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Using a Star Luber after a 10 year break

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I'm setting a Star up to lube some .38 caliber bullets and am getting too much lube coming out.  Some comes out in a glob in front of the bullet nose.  I plugged a row of holes but in hindsight I think I plugged the wrong row.  I plugged the bottom row and now think it was the top row that needs plugged. Doing this to match the bearing length of the bullet.

If anyone wants to give me a refresher course on setting up for a new bullet I'm all ears.


Go to www(dot)magmaengineering(dot)com and go to "manuals"
You can downloade the manual for the sizer.

Good  Shooting


Lubesizer Instruction Card

I thought the Star was a nose first sizer?   Or is it both.  I know when I used it earlier I sized nose first.   I know that sizing nose first I don't need a lot of different shaped rods for different noses.


Greasing nose first is fine for casual shooting.

Greasing base first is desirable for match ammo as the bullet is aligned by both the leade in the die and the nose punch. The action of greasing/sizing does not damage the base.




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