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Stars Want to Sell/Want to Buy / Re: WTS - Star Reloader 45 ACP
« Last post by w4ti on February 04, 2022, 07:34:03 pm »
PM sent.
Stars Want to Sell/Want to Buy / WTS - Star Reloader 45 ACP *SOLD*
« Last post by ddeck22 on February 04, 2022, 08:27:31 am »
Location : Massachusetts

Selling Terms : Cash, face to face preferred, shipping can be arranged and I can get a quote based on your location

Price : $350 (SOLD)


1 - Star Machine reloader with 45 ACP toolhead - original carbide resizing die, expander and bullet seating die. No separate crimp die
1 - 3.5 grain BullsEye charge bar - installed
1 - 3.6 grain BullsEye charge bar
1 - 3.2 grain BullsEye charge bar
1 - Large primer slide and tube (installed)
1 - Small primer slide and tube
1 - Primer punch bushing screwdriver (to change the primer slide)
1 - Primer follower (original that will stop the press if there are no primers in the tube)
6 - additional decapping pins
1 - Performance roller handle (installed) - I do not have the original wood handle
1 - Small primer pickup tube
1 - Large primer pickup tube
1 - original powder tube with metal cover (installed)

Everything is original and it's fairly clean. I've cycled it and everything works as intended with no binding. I have all the paperwork from STAR as to the original purchase but it has no date. From what I can tell, it was purchased in the late 1960's.
Star Reloaders / Re: Lifetyme Two-Stage Carbide .38 Spl Sizing Die
« Last post by NYKenn on February 01, 2022, 08:59:12 am »
I was never aware of this.
I had a second .38 head, included with a .38 machine that dated from the 50s. Both were set up for loading the exact same load. Never looked at the dies. Could not fathom why someone would have two exact same head set-ups. Until now! The second had the same 2S die! Now I know why!

Thanks Dave.


Star Reloaders / Re: Lifetyme Two-Stage Carbide .38 Spl Sizing Die
« Last post by fc60 on January 31, 2022, 04:37:56 pm »

It has been many years, so hopefully my memory does well.

The early Remington and Western 38 cases had thin walls. (Ammo loaded for Match Shooting.)

The standard sizing die did not reduce the diameter enough to allow a friction fit with the bullet.

This was at the time where 38 Special bullets were sized from 0.354" - 0.360".

The autoloaders were common to 0.356" and smaller groove diameters. The Revolver was usually 0.358".

So, Star had some "2S" dies made up. The lower ring just sizes the case minimally. The upper ring sized the neck portion smaller to allow proper seating with the bullet.

I do not think it would offer any benefit to 357 Magnum cases.



Star Reloaders / Lifetyme Two-Stage Carbide .38 Spl Sizing Die
« Last post by FOR_Star on January 31, 2022, 03:53:58 pm »
Some time back, I received a 2-stage carbide .38 Special sizing die as part of a Star parts bundle listing I purchased from an online auction website.
The outside appearance is the same as a "regular" Star Lifetyme .38 Spl carbide die, except for the "2S" marking between Lifetyme and .38 Spl.  This particular die was evidentially originally stamped as a regular 38 die, then restamped with the "2S" and a second .38 Spl marking.  On the inside, the second carbide ring is clearly visible.

A couple of questions for the group:

  • What are the situations or circumstances for needing to use the 2-stage sizing die when loading .38 Special ammo?
  • If there is goodness gained from using the 2-stage die, can/should it be used for loading .357 Mag ammo?

I remember reading long ago that the Star dual-ring ("two-stage") .45 ACP sizing die was a specialty die just for very thin-walled cases.  (Certain Remington cases, I believe.)  I don't recall hearing about when the dual-ring .38 Special die is called for.
Finished Prototype #1 for the M-A Systems Case Retaining Bracket.  Ugly, but functional.
I used aluminum instead of steel, and a #6-32 screw w/washer to hold the wire to the bracket.

Big thanks again to 824TSV (Robert).
Star Reloaders / Re: Dimensions for M-A Systems Eject-Ease Part
« Last post by FOR_Star on January 28, 2022, 10:32:18 am »
Sent email.  THANKS!!
Star Reloaders / Re: Dimensions for M-A Systems Eject-Ease Part
« Last post by 824tsv on January 28, 2022, 09:06:56 am »
I've taken several pics with a digital caliper. You can email me for the pic's
r bagshaw at cogeco dot ca (no spaces in address)
Star Reloaders / Dimensions for M-A Systems Eject-Ease Part
« Last post by FOR_Star on January 27, 2022, 04:21:54 pm »
Could anyone provide the dimensions for the "Case Retaining Bracket" that is part of the M-A Systems' Eject-Ease case ejector system?
It's basically an "L" bracket that attaches to Star part #79U [Shell Base Locating Strap] using a slightly longer than OEM 8-32 screw.

I'd like to fabricate one to use for on my Universals.

Or, if someone had an actual "spare" one, I would be interested in acquiring it.

Star History / Re: Making H&G molds
« Last post by varmintpopper on January 04, 2022, 09:43:29 pm »
That little pot holds about 20 Lbs of lead and gets refilled when needed from two other pots that holds an additional 2o Lbs that is already up to temparture. BTW, That Seaco pot is ser. No. 018 stamped on the nomanclature plate. Nearly as old as Me !
My bit of trivia for the Day.

Good Shooting

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