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Two additional accessories for a Star - what are they?

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I have searched all over trying to find the answer about what these two parts are.  They came in a box with other items for the press (small primer slide, decapping pins, etc) but I can't figure out the two that aren't the Primer Punch Bushing Screwdriver.

The smaller one has a threaded hole in the top, the larger one is solid.

They are the parts in a die extractor for a Star sizer.

Thank you very much.  I thought about the possibility that they were part of the accompanying Luber/Sizer but didn't see any info on that one either.

Very much appreciate your reply.

EDIT:  Now I see it :  the 5101 die extractor pieces.  The bullet remover was threaded in the wrong way.


The "tee" handle wrench is to remove the primer bushing when changing from large to small; or, vice versa.



Thanks, someone else on this board had called it the "Primer Punch Bushing Screwdriver" and I found that as #51.  The drawing in the picture from the original manual is much different.  Luckily, the estate from which I got these had kept all the original documentation and receipts, so I was able to match everything else up (including the extra 6 decapping pins the person bought and never used).  I was there for 45 ACP brass when they told me to take these too (Luber/sizer and the press in 45ACP).  Based on the documentation, this was bought in 1968 with some very minor usage and then packed away for 50 years.


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