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What are you loading for?


Cousin Daniel:
I have read up on stars for years and their many uses and have pretty much came to the conclusion they are primarily used for bullseye type precision pistol shooting.  I see why , however on my best day with a pistol I am minute of a big red barn. I use my stars and Dillon rl1000s(just a bigger better star) to feed my ipsc/steel challenge ammo requires and my general blasting ammo for when the wife and I spend time together.

What do you do with your stars?

I have four Stars, a Camdex, an 1100, and an old Lyman T mag turret.

I set each of the Star up in common pistol rounds, 9mm, 45 ACP, 38 SPL, & 30 Carbine. I also have SMGs in each of those rounds, except 38 SPL. I will load ammo for the SMGs on them as well as revolver rounds to feed my Colts.

The Camdex is specifically to feed my Thompson SMG, the 1100 is a new addition, set up for 9x19mm likely to feed the Uzi and pistols, & the Lyman is for bottleneck rounds/rifle.

The Stars are machines from a more elegant time. I like them for doing a handful of shells to a few hundred at a sitting. You have more control with the Stars due to the manually advanced shell plate too.

99.9% of my shooting is making noise in the backyard. The remaining is hunting or protecting our live stock from predators.

I load 9 amd 45 mostly for my submachine guns and for general handgun fun shooting.

I have a dedicated Star loader for each caliber and have made thousands of rounds. I always enjoy operating my Stars.


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