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Adjustable Powder Charge Bar


I tried my hand at making a couple powder charge bars, (one for each of my Machines). They both turned out pretty good, and work very well. I saw one of the Hoag powder bars sell on ebay today for $160 dollars. I think I spent about $25 dollars on materials to make two. Of course I spent around $5000.00 for Lathe and Milling Machine, but that's another addiction...

Nice work!
Do not forget the time it takes you to do the actual machining and work!

My guess is there is a market for you, and you will sell some.  But the market is very very small, especially considering the number of bars that accept bushings. But for those that would like one you would be a resource.

I have both types (screw adj & bushing) and use the screw adjustable bar to develop loads or when using a different powder. Once I know the load, I use a drilled bushing.
While I have never had an adjustable bar 'self adjust' I am always concerned it could.   

Good luck.

A forum member here made one for me a while back, and it works beautifully. I have not experienced that the powder drops change over time.
I might be interested in a couple more if you decide to make extras.

Great job ! Well done !

I've successfully used adjustable bars for many years, never found one to change settings. I've even made adjustable bars from a good piece of hard wood.  wood works well and wears well.


Good Shooting



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