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Cousin Daniel:
I am in the middle of modififying a star progressive to have separate bullet seating and bullet crimping capabilities.

I made a plug from aluminum for the hole in the base I created,  I am curious if this choice of material will last and provide uniform results as the rounds are crimped and downward force applied?


Aluminum will work for a temporary setting.

I use a piece of 0.750" tool steel and machine it to length. No need to harden it.



Cousin Daniel:
That was my thoughts the more I stared at the plug, I always maintain a healthy supply of 0-1 and w-1 tool steel so I will make a replacement when I get time.

4140 prehard would probably work.

Cousin Daniel:
To be honest any material would work for the moment and most likely 100,000 rounds, I just want this fixed right for who ever gets it after I am done using it and I have walked into heaven's gates.

I have a 7 dillon rl1000 presses and rarely use my 2 two star progressives or universal, however I like knowing they are in tip top shape and are fully utilized. I gave thought to preserving them in cosmoline type preserver and setting them in a stash similar to the story sun down at coffin rock.


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