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Half the Mounting Holes Drilled Out to 3/8"

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Acquired a new-to-me Star Universal.  Everything looks original and in good condition, but does need a good cleaning, fluff & buff, and lube.
I'm curious as to why a previous owner would drill out the two "front" mounting holes to 3/8".  Has anyone seen a mounting arrangement that needed the front holes opened up to 3/8"? Some sort of quick-disconnect arrangement?

Could make using a Ray-Vin indexer more challenging, I guess.

Sometimes people just don't have enough 1/4" bolts in the drawer.   I have seen several where the mounting holes have been enlarged.

Since only the two in the front mounting holes have been enlarged, I would guess it had something to do with mounting an indexer.

Yeah, those pesky 1/4" machine screws. HaHa

Surprised the OEM Star mounting bolt wasn't a 17/64-28 UNS. (an attempt at a little SMW over-engineered humor)

Any thoughts on a somewhat reasonable way to return these two holes to their original dimensions? (1/4" hardware, with countersink)

Richard Hubbard:
Just replace the base. 
Star Machine Works should have replacement bases.  At least they did when I inquired a few months back.


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