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I have just had USPS deliver to me, two Star Universal Progressives that I bought from Bruce Williams. I have only had time to unpack one, it's in 45 Colt, the other is a 9MM machine.

This first Star Universal, in 45 Colt, is in great rehabilitated condition. If I had to evaluate it, I would say it is in 98-99% of new. Thanks to Bruce Williams, I have got a great machine to work with. My wife even commented on how good it looked.

I also want to add thanks to Dave Wilson, fc60, for the beautiful 45 Colt dies and shell plate he made.

I'm really picky, however, I think these two guys, in my opinion, have a corner on great Star reloading machine work.


Star Reloaders / Star reloader calibers
« on: October 07, 2012, 04:48:13 pm »
How many different calibers were the Star reloader made in?


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