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Survey Says... / Dave Wilson (fc60) Master Machinist
« on: May 31, 2012, 06:53:51 pm »
I received dies for 30 Carbine, bullet seating and taper crimp, from Dave Wilson.  I brought same dies to Al Holloway, Holloway Engineering, Quincy, CA. who is himself a master machinist (70+).  He inspected the dies thoroughly.  He stated that the workmanship was "superb" and he, himself, could not do better--true quality workmanship.  As an amateur machinist myself, I am more than impressed with the quality of his craftsmanship.  With Al Holloway's confirmation of my opinion, I want the Star Reloader's Forum to understand what a resource we have.  Everything I have seen of his is of top quality.  Larry Lee Lawson.

Star Reloaders / Re: Star Press Bullet Feeder
« on: May 03, 2011, 11:05:26 pm »
Hello!  Can anyone point me in the direction of a bullet feeder for my Star? I've got the case feeders pretty well worked out, but I can't seem to get a solid handle on the best bullet feeder. Are they more of a PITA than they are worth? :-\

I have a .45 Star Machine and a 38/.357 machine, and would like to automate as much as possible.

Thanks! Hemitom

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