Author Topic: Using adjustable slides to throw A2230 rifle powder for 223 Rem  (Read 12975 times)

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Using adjustable slides to throw A2230 rifle powder for 223 Rem
« on: November 08, 2009, 06:38:35 pm »
These numbers may be of help for anyone planning on using adjustable powder slides for A2230 rifle powder.  Both slides mentioned below were made by Rich Daniels (Barrel Tester name on this forum) for the Star reloader although the conclusions should apply to any adjustable slide the same size.

The inch powder slide adjusted to a perfect circle  (7/16 inch) throws 18.7 grain A2230 with a variation from 18.6-18.8 grain.  The 5/8 inch powder slide adjusted to a perfect circle (7/16 inch) throws 21.5 grain with a variation too small for my scale to measure a range.  Both of these amounts are smaller than the usual minimum charge for reloading 223 Rem with A2230.

Opening up the hole in the inch slide sufficiently with the adjustment screw to throw 26.4 grain gave a variation from 26.2 to 26.6 grains.  The 5/8 inch slide adjusted for a average throw of 25.1 grain gave a variation of 25.0-25.2. Note that as the hole is elongated by the adjustment, it becomes longer than the hole in the powder base housing and cover plate and as a consequence, there is more variation between throws.

Each of the preceding represents data for 5 throws.  The throws had to be very slow toward the end of the handle upswing or powder in the powder spout tube spilled out when the tube was withdrawn from the cartridge opening for the larger throws.  This was little to no  problem with spillage for the smaller throws listed for each size slide and not a problem for the large or small throws once I learned to slow down!

Because there is less variation for the larger loads when using the 5/8 inch powder slide, I would suggest that reloaders  planning to load A2230 in that range use the 5/8 inch powder slide although if the variation is acceptable in the higher loads or a lower load such as 22.5 grains is used, the inch slide will work fine. 

Hope you can use this.