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Scott L:
I saw this on Ebay and am not affiliated.

Index Assistor for the Star Progressive Reloader and Universal Reloader by New Iron Machine & Design.

Scott L:
I decided to purchase an Index Assistor and am very happy with it. I load two types of .32 rounds and indexing by hand leads to spilled powder once in a while.
In use - after removing the crimped/finished round, I push the Assistor and never spilled any powder out of 50 of these short cases.
It's well made and very smooth in use.


Looks well made, like an updated version of the Somar Indexer.

I give up, what is 32 Baczuk Special?

Did not know the Somar was from Wisconsin.
The Freeloader also came from Wisconsin, but from Beloit, I believe, Different person and location. Inventor is still a member of this site.
Maybe something in the cheese?

Scott L:

--- Quote from: rbwillnj on December 27, 2023, 08:33:12 am ---I give up, what is 32 Baczuk Special?

--- End quote ---

First, I have started labeling everything, so that when I croak my kids know what it is - Star 32acp dies and a 32Long shell plate. Easy to configure for the acp or long rounds.
The Baczuk Spl is an NRA centerfire bullseye round developed to use in a 32Long pistol (boltface) with a 32acp barrel chamber allowing the use of 60gr - 78gr projectiles.
32Long brass is cut down to 32acp chamber spec.
I have welded up one Walther bolt that was re-machined into a 32acp boltface and didn't want to do that on my Erma.
I was told about the round at a match and decided to try it - it's very accurate!
Hope this explains it's development.


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