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New Star Owner with Safety Cam Question

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I'm a brand new Star owner.  I've lurked on this site for years.

I recently purchased a Star Universal in 45 ACP.  I've always been intrigued by them and finally decided to buy one.  I have a variety of Dillons and other reloading equipment.  I had called Bruce about maybe buying one from him, but I bought one elsewhere (still planning to get some items from him).  I maybe should have just got one from Bruce as I know it would have been right out of the box.

I'm having a little trouble with the Safety Cam.  It appears to not be correct.  I can't get the 45 ACP case out.  The safety cams are different between a Progressive and Universal according to the parts list.  Are they different among calibers in the Universal?

I have a case feeder, it doesn't say Hulme but it looks like one.  It does hit the Hulme as the safety cam doesn't appear modified to clear as in the modification sheet I've seen.  I can easily do the mod, but I removed the case feeder and it still doesn't move far enough to get the case out.  Is this the wrong cam, or am I missing something?

Here is a pic:

Hopefully someone can help me solve this dilemma.


try turning it over

Sounds like a good idea but how does that work with the spring underneath where it hooks to the post on the bottom?

pull the small  "pin" that looks like a screw , this will release the stop and allow you to remove the shell case and will allow You to reset the safty.

Good Shooting


Pulling the pin (with Hulme removed) will allow me to get the case out, but I thought the whole point was this was supposed to flip flop between two positions without pulling the pin. 

I do not have a taper crimp die.

With 45 ACP you have to index the plate which pushes the safety cam over so you can remove the loaded cartridge and also pull the handle to operate on the cases in the shellplate. 


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