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Making H&G molds

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Star sold H&G bullet molds way back in history I've been told.

Good Shooting


Star price lists from as early and 1945 (the oldest I have) through the mid 60's specially list H&G bullet moulds.

Star apparently also sold H&G bullet moulds under their own name at least briefly.    I'm sure many of you saw the "Star Machine Works" stamped H&G 10 cavity mold on eBay a couple months ago.

Bruce Williams

Hi Bruce
I have an H&G 10 banger in .38 cal, and 3 each 4 bangers that I store in the original cardboard shipping boxes postmarked 1956.
The 10 is heavy to work with but can produce lots of boolits in a hurry. I also have H&G in 44 cal, 45 ACP, 9mm and a couple other cals.
 Here is a pic of the 10 cavity setting on the bottom pour pot.

Good Shooting


Green Frog:
Lindy, it looks like your ten spot mould would empty out that little pot in about two or three pours!   8) Manipulating it during fills and dumps should be great exercise though.  ;)


Great to see pics of the early years.
Bruce: I remember seeing those,

My dad made bullets and I helped him as a kid. (In the 60s)
Had a 200 grain in 45 and a 148 grain in 38. 
Have his ingot trays, lead ingots, sizer, dies, and lube, but never found the moulds themselves.
As health concerns arose with melting lead, he may have sold them.
Wish I still had them though.

Good shooting.


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