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New Star Sizer adjustments & recommended lube source


Recently picked up a new (NOS) Magma Star sizer and had a set of .358 die/top punch made by Chris Smith.  Bought some Carnauba Blue Cast Bullet Lube via eBay.

Made my own base heater using a 1/2" aluminum plates with 3/8 (40 watt) cartridge heater and rheostat. The lube appears to be fussy, lubes flows nicely when the Star base is in the 70F range, below that lube won't flow, above that I get excess lube on bullets and top punch.

When it's working nicely I turn the lube crank pressure in about 1/2 to 3/4 turn about every 20 bullets.


Can you recommend a lube & source that works with these Star's?  I'm sizing 130 gr plain base HP cast bullets, no gas checks, single lube groove, has crimp groove and running them in the 950-1000 fps range. Competition use so less smoke is better.

How do I adjust pump plunger S124, watching online videos for comparison my plunger only travels about 1/4" to 3/8" during a full completed handle stroke.  It just seems that the plunger should be have more travel.



Since 1976, I have been using the Tamarack NRA 50-50 lube. Now out of business and the Alox used has been discontinued I bought some LBT Blue Soft.

My cast bullet rifle friends use LBT with excellent results.

The LBT Blue Soft is advertised to function in a Star without heat. I still turn on the heater since it is 50 F in the Mann Kave. Have not tried it in warm weather just yet.

Scroll down about half way and you will find the lube section.

Try some. If you do not like it, selling it is not a problem.

LBT is much cleaner to handle than the old NRA 50-50 formula. Less smoke, also.



Thanks for the reply...I just sent an email to them to make sure they have LBT Blue Soft in stock.

Now I need to calibrate the cam action for the plunger.


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