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Email Addresses Not Displayed


You might have noticed that this forum does not permit email addresses to be displayed in forum posts or in other member's profiles. This is done to avoid having the forum scraped for email addresses of our members. It reduces spam and load on the server.

In most cases, communications are best done in the forum or directly between members. Because this forum is open and allows everyone to view the content, we limit what is displayed. Those who sign up as members have the option to send personal messages and email via the forum (and are subject to forum rules should they get out of hand or abuse other members with spam). Some members would like to be able to show their email addresses and are surprised when the forum obscures them.

Should you choose to publicly display your email address for everyone in the world to see, you can do it using a non-standard format such as:
showmyemail [at] somefakedomain[dot] com -- please remove all spaces and replace [at] with the at symbol and [dot] with a period character.

In the example above, a human reader should be able to interpret what is written and figure out the correct e-mail address. Note, the address is not valid.


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