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Registration/Membership Requirements / How to Post Photos...
« on: August 28, 2012, 01:02:01 am »
Posting photos or other items is done one of two ways...

If you desire to place a photo into your topic, you will use the "Insert Image" tag that appears as
Code: [Select]
[img][/img] with the url for the photo you uploaded to a website in between. Some sites you might consider for hosting uploaded photos:

Once you upload your photo to one of the sites, you need to right click or copyu the full path/URL/link/shortcut for the photo.

Next, click in the text area of the document where you want to insert an image and then click the button in the formatting options that has a little globe -- it will say "Insert Image" to insert the proper formatting tag
Code: [Select]
The cursor will go in between the two tags... so now is the time to paste or type the path/URL/lnik/shortcut for the photo.

Note, the image does not display (just the link) until you click "Preview". If your image does not display in preview, you will need to verify you put the link in properly and edit/adjust.

A second and easier option to include images as a file attachment. To access this feature, click Additional Options... To the right of Attach: click Browse and choose the file from your computer. If you have more than one file, click (more attachments) to continue adding lines, then click browse and select files to attach.

You are limited on image size to 196KB each and 10 attachments per post.

To make things fit, use image editing software to reformat images to 1024x768 size or less at 72dpi suitable for screen viewing. Jpeg files (.jpg) have the option to use image compression to reduce the file size with minimal loss of image quality -- if you have the option to adjust compression a setting of 35% to 45% usually works best. Most operating systems include some utilities for this, or you may search online for freeware image editing software. Consider some of the options listed here:

Survey Says... / What caliber do you reload most?
« on: May 21, 2005, 01:27:58 pm »
I would like to know what caliber you reload most often on your Star.

Replies are also welcome if you would like to share how many rounds you load per session, week, month, year.

Survey Says... / How to setup as a Poll Question -- Recommended!!!
« on: May 21, 2005, 01:15:06 pm »
To setup a polling question we need to have a Subject. Often this is sufficient, but sometimes we also need to provide more details or explain and focus our Polling questions. Use the message body for this.

Create a poll question by typing in the Poll question field...

Type one of the options you want others to rank in the Poll Option, then click Add option to add it. You can add many Poll Options, might be a Yes or No, or a ranking question such as brands, or other categories.

As you click Add option, the bottom section of the poll expands so you can continue adding options until you are satisfied. If you need to delete a Poll Option, you can do so, or update the options as needed.

Runn poll for allows you to se t the number of days to allow members to participate. Remember that many of our users are not daily or even weekly participants, so limiting the poll to a few days may suggest that nobody is interested when in fact you might need to allow more time and be patient -- often it is best to just leave the question open-ended and let users participate and see how things shape over weeks, months, etc.

Don't forget to check options such as Notify me when a reply is posted, if you want to know when anyone posts an response.

Remember each member only has one opportunity to vote.

Star Lubricator & Resizers / Guidelines for Posting
« on: October 10, 2004, 11:54:21 am »

Guests are permitted to lurk in discussion forums but may not post topics and interact with members until they join. Signing up is very easy and will only take a few minutes.


Members may post and make full use of this board for discussion and exchange of opinions. Moderators will remove posts that are off-topic, or contain offensive or inappropriate content. If we remove posts, the member will be notified and provided with a full explanation. If the behaviour is not reformed we may block members from posting or remove them from the discussion board.

You may post any topic or content related in any way to Star Lubricator & Resizers, components, accessories, bullet casting, lube recipes, etc. This is an open public discussion and members from all over the world will be participating or lurking as they wish.

Good discussions often have passionate members that strongly express their views. Please maintain respect and courtesy to keep things positive and productive.

Avoid sending excessive private mail to other members. Unsolicited messages may result in complaints. All complaints will be investigated and disciplinary measures taken as needed. Please report abuses to the Administrator.


Moderators hold elevated responsibility for the content on discussion forums. Members may disagree with a moderator's decisions and all appeals will be made to the Administrator. Administrator decisions are final and may result in disciplinary measures against member or moderator alike.

Moderators may not remove content simply because they do not agree with another member or believe the member is misrepresenting or wrong. These issues may be addressed as member to member or by posting a reply so other members may decide for themselves.

Please edit or remove content that is offensive. Off-Topic posts may be relocated to another forum. Offensive content will be edited or removed to the private Quarantine Forum for investigation.

Explanations may be added to messages, but the member must be notified about the moderation actions via e-mail or by private message.

If offensive content continues or the single instance is believed to be deserving of disciplinary measures, please report to the Adminsitrator immediately.

Star Reloaders / Cailbers and Cost
« on: September 27, 2004, 11:29:16 am »
Bummer7 and C.D. -- always happy to lend another $.02 to a discussion  :)

Different calibers and different tool heads -- for most people it comes down to how much you want to spend (time or money). Steve's setup is ideal for a well organized person that plans ahead to know what they will shoot and how much to load for their shooting season. The benefits of this setup and required adjustment is production/quality that is right on so the full run is the ultimate in consistency. It can inspire confidence in shooting when the entire batch/lot is exactly the same.

Several ideas work well: Record the number of turns on each die to get close to your desired specifications for a particular load and record it in your loading log or machine log. It will get you close to your setup much faster.

NOTE: It is good practice to keep machine logs as well as load logs. In a machine log, put down what was loaded, how many rounds, any minor or major issues encountered and the corrections made. The machine log is useful to track maintenance or additional setup checks based on number of rounds or a seasonal approach. It also allows you to watch for early signs indicating when a part needs adjustment or replacement and approximately how many rounds before that same adjustment or replacement might be needed again.

If your shooting/reloading style is more variable and you must load on a weekly or monthly basis, you might consider an extra tool head essential. A tool head is slightly faster because it can be installed on a machine and quickly checked or tweaked rather than needing to take time for a full-on setup. The best solution for this type of shooter is to have a fully setup machine for each caliber.

Difficulty, Calibers and Costs -- there are no simple explanations for costs except to say that the market is at work. I am confident to say that difficulty in loading has not been expressed as a factor for price or value of these cartridges. Popularity or rarity both can influence prices. 9mm is a very popular caliber but dies for the Star appear on the market less often than the common .45 ACP or .38 Special. The carbine comes up less frequently and does not seem to be a caliber that was produced in large quantities. Perhaps that is why it has higher prices...

Star Reloaders / Moving Handles
« on: March 20, 2004, 05:42:17 pm »
Moving handles would be a challenge without use of a press to remove the pieces. Afterwards, if you examine the clearance again, you will find that the Hulme Case Feeder itself will be in the way of the handle at the downstroke. This would require shortening the handle (making leverage even more difficult.)

Perhaps a solution you might consider is to try the original recommendations for setting up the Star and then add a longer handle to provide more leverage for seating the bullet. The full instructions are available for download on the website under manuals, but here's the section I'd recommend:


In order that you may have the correct position for reloading, you should build a bench by using a board 4 feet or more in length; about 2 inches thick and 12 inches wide, using 3 or 4 legs long enough to make the bench about the same height as a chair. In the center of the bench build up a portion 5 inches high, making holes in the top for the loaded shells and fired primers to drop through into trays set under the reloader and on top of the bench; then bolt the reloader down on the top of the raised portion.

The raised portion should extend out far enough to the left of the reloader to have room to set two trays containing empty shells and bullets.

This arrangement will leave room enough on one end of the bench for the operator to sit while reloading and should you have a helper, he can sit on the other end.

Hopefully some other members will have additional ideas on solutions they've seen and used.

Registration/Membership Requirements / E-Mail Communications Required
« on: January 20, 2004, 11:10:25 pm »
If you are planning to register as a new member or you are already registered and wish to remain active, you must verify that your e-mail address is current and can receive e-mail from mail accounts.

New registrations are validated with e-mail sent to verify/activate your account. If you do not receive the activation message we can still get in touch with you once the inactive account is detected or if you send e-mail asking for assistance.

Active members may change their e-mail addresses periodically and neglect to update their member profile. Depending on your account settings you may immediately start generating error messages as the forum software attempts to communicate with you. If the error messages are a permanent failure, we are prevented from communicating with you and your account will be set to inactive. Inactive accounts with no activity will eventually be purged from membership.

E-mail communication is not a request, it is a requirement!

Reasons for not getting your activation e-mail:

1. Your ISP has Spam Blocking or E-Mail Filters. Contact your ISP and ask them how to allow e-mail from

2. Spam Filter/Blocking software on your computer or e-mail software is blocking our messages. You need to unblock our domain a ndapprove us as a sender. We do not Spam and all communications from our domain are sent via acounts we directly manage.

If you are unable to discover the cause of messages not getting through, please get help from your ISP, software vendor, a friend or family member, or use their e-mail address to register. We are sorry if you are not able to communicate or particiapate, but if we cannot be permitted to reach you via e-mail then we cannot help you.

If you received the activation e-mail and are having problems with getting it to activate, we can help and get you activated by verifying the information you received. We communicate via e-mail to verify and receive your activation information, then activate the account so you can log in. Communication via e-mail is a key requirement.

If you do not receive a reply from us, it is only because you or your ISP is blocking us from sending e-mail to you. We are very sorry but after 48 hours of repeated attempts and continued failures, we will delete the account and block the non-working e-mail address from resistering. If you later resolve the e-mail issues, please send us an e-mail and we will be more than happy to verify communications and remove the block to allow the e-mail address to be used for registration.

Star Reloaders / Album Has Some Info...
« on: January 08, 2004, 01:34:28 pm »
Great question!

Star Reloaders should have the Star Machine Works San Diego, Calif. and Patent number stamped on the tool head. I have heard reports of some Star tool heads finding their way onto clones, and some clone tool heads with Star decals.

Phelps, Berdan, and a host of other companies copied Star's design. Many are reported to have used "inferior" manufacturing processes and to have taken their dimensions from worn/used Star parts. Manufacturing based on inaccurate original dimensions, a cheapest bid manufacturer, and small production runs introduces variations that often require parts be modified to fit together and make the individual machines work. This may seem fine until you need to replace a part or interchange parts with another reloader and you realize the parts are all custom. Additionally, parts that are designed to be modified to fit need to be workable and will not have the hardness of Star's parts that were precision made and heat treated to quality standards established and maintained over decades of manufacturing experience.

I have limited information on the Phelps and Berdan products but what's available is in the Album link at the top of the forum. It may help you spot differences based on the specifications they reference and the pictures they provided in brochures. Most of the clone companies sought to "improve" the powder magazines, handle, etc. It has been reported that Phelps quality depends on where and when the tool was made.

Accessories for powder magazines, adjustable powder slides, Hulme case feeders, Freeloader, and others were marketed to work with Star and Phelps.

Star survived the clones with untarnished quality standards for over 60 years. The copy-cats never seem to gain much reputation worth speaking kindly about.

If someone has first hand experience with a clone, I would like to hear more about it. I know of one person that got a good Phelps and it has stood up to years and years of volume reloading and is still going. Another has sold original Star parts and the buyers discovered they would not fit their clone.

Caution goes to anyone that relies on a decal, blue paint or polished brass and steel to identify a Star or it's condition. There are disreputable people willing to apply blue paint, decals and elbow grease to gussie up an item to sell as a Star reloader. Several clones have appeared on eBay and it pays to take a few steps back and ask hard questions about the details and wonder about anything that is unusual or out of place. Hopefully you will learn to spot a combination of things that just make the package not look right.

Better safe than suckered. Find someone that's been using their Star tool for years and years and shoots what they reload with good results. It's a great way to find a Star and someone to stand for the quality.

Good luck and happy reloading, on your Star!

Star Reloaders / New Indexers/Case Feeders
« on: January 08, 2004, 12:28:51 pm »
You may wish to contact member TD'ONEILL about these as I know he has new ones and is looking for customers.

I have no further details at this time.

Star Reloaders / Cost of used Stars these days...
« on: December 19, 2003, 11:48:04 am »
As much as I would like to say it, $300 Star Universals are not easy to come by. If you find them, please let us all know where.

Not that I recommend, but eBay has had a recent supply of  .38/.45s running from incomplete or very used at $350 to upwards of $1200 with extra tool head/dies, case feeder, indexer, powder slides. A tool head with Lifetyme dies has been running $300+...  The avg Star Universal is about $550 in decent condition .45 with case feeder. Condition is used carefully as most sellers that make them look pretty do not always have any ideas about wear, maintenance, etc.

In 1981-1983 Star Universals sold new at $925 to $1125...

Still better to go for a commercial unit in good repair where someone can assure it is working properly... Millions of rounds was not an exaggerated claim for the well-maintained Star.

I still like finding Stars from the original owner when they stop reloading. These are the best and they will prove it with helpful advice, setup, and where to find parts or fixes. Very resourceful Star owners are the norm.

I am looking forward to the holiday downtime to post loads of scans and newly received literature on maintenance, accessories, and Star articles from various members and sources.

A recent e-mail had a Hulme-like casefeeder for $180+. More info soon.

Star Reloaders / More Information soon, Please introduce yourselves...
« on: October 19, 2003, 01:56:57 am »
The archives just received notice today about M-A Systems Accessories  information for the Star Reloaders. A member has sent them to be scanned and posted to the website. They may still be in operation and we will explore and confirm. If you are looking to enhance your Star or replace parts thought to be unavailable we hope to share more soon. Quite a bit of new information, scans and posts to the website will happen over this coming week.

We have been busy with forum setups and contact with contributors and members. After the discussion board tanked, we contacted members and former members to ask that they re-join. We saved many of the original posts, but need to wait until they re-join before we can post the information again.

As we move ahead, please feel free to send digital pictures of your Star, explain who you are and what you use, and let everyone get to know their fellow members.

If you have not filled in some details of your profile, please do so. It will assist members to know a little about your interests and geographic location. Many of you value your privacy and as gun owners and reloaders we understand. At least pick a continent, country, or state.  :D  

The Avatars are a new feature just added, but we do not have many selections as of yet that are appealing. You will find many in the nearly 600 that are just plain not very attractive. The others section contains some shooter oriented avatars sent in from members. Feel free to send me any avatars you would like to see incorporated.

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