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E-Mail Communications Required


If you are planning to register as a new member or you are already registered and wish to remain active, you must verify that your e-mail address is current and can receive e-mail from mail accounts.

New registrations are validated with e-mail sent to verify/activate your account. If you do not receive the activation message we can still get in touch with you once the inactive account is detected or if you send e-mail asking for assistance.

Active members may change their e-mail addresses periodically and neglect to update their member profile. Depending on your account settings you may immediately start generating error messages as the forum software attempts to communicate with you. If the error messages are a permanent failure, we are prevented from communicating with you and your account will be set to inactive. Inactive accounts with no activity will eventually be purged from membership.

E-mail communication is not a request, it is a requirement!

Reasons for not getting your activation e-mail:

1. Your ISP has Spam Blocking or E-Mail Filters. Contact your ISP and ask them how to allow e-mail from

2. Spam Filter/Blocking software on your computer or e-mail software is blocking our messages. You need to unblock our domain a ndapprove us as a sender. We do not Spam and all communications from our domain are sent via acounts we directly manage.

If you are unable to discover the cause of messages not getting through, please get help from your ISP, software vendor, a friend or family member, or use their e-mail address to register. We are sorry if you are not able to communicate or particiapate, but if we cannot be permitted to reach you via e-mail then we cannot help you.

If you received the activation e-mail and are having problems with getting it to activate, we can help and get you activated by verifying the information you received. We communicate via e-mail to verify and receive your activation information, then activate the account so you can log in. Communication via e-mail is a key requirement.

If you do not receive a reply from us, it is only because you or your ISP is blocking us from sending e-mail to you. We are very sorry but after 48 hours of repeated attempts and continued failures, we will delete the account and block the non-working e-mail address from resistering. If you later resolve the e-mail issues, please send us an e-mail and we will be more than happy to verify communications and remove the block to allow the e-mail address to be used for registration.


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