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WTB: Adjustable powder bar

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I'm looking for an adjustable powder bar. Please message me with what you have and price and let's make a deal.


Two types could be considered adjustable to change drops.
One with various size bushings, one with a screw adjustment.

I have both. Generally, use the screw adjustable to find the charge I want that works, and then use a fixed sized bushing to insure repetitive consistency.

1st try would be Bruce WIlliams  RBWillNJ on this site as he owns and runs the Star Machine site.
2nd try would be Rich Daniels   BarrelTester on this sit. He manufacturer.


I should have clarified- I'm looking for an adjustable powder bar that uses anything other than bushings to adjust powder drops.  :)

I'll reach out to Rich- thanks for the help!

How do you get a hold of rich daniels? Also looking for adjustable powder bar


Sorry for the delay here- I did speak with Rich, and he didn't have any adjustable bars for sale, and due to business circumstances, most likely wasn't going to have any made in the future either.

Feel free to reach out to him for other parts.



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