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How to Post Photos...


Posting photos or other items is done one of two ways...

If you desire to place a photo into your topic, you will use the "Insert Image" tag that appears as
--- Code: ---[img][/img]
--- End code ---
with the url for the photo you uploaded to a website in between. Some sites you might consider for hosting uploaded photos:

Once you upload your photo to one of the sites, you need to right click or copyu the full path/URL/link/shortcut for the photo.

Next, click in the text area of the document where you want to insert an image and then click the button in the formatting options that has a little globe -- it will say "Insert Image" to insert the proper formatting tag
--- Code: ---[img][/img]
--- End code ---

The cursor will go in between the two tags... so now is the time to paste or type the path/URL/lnik/shortcut for the photo.

Note, the image does not display (just the link) until you click "Preview". If your image does not display in preview, you will need to verify you put the link in properly and edit/adjust.

A second and easier option to include images as a file attachment. To access this feature, click Additional Options... To the right of Attach: click Browse and choose the file from your computer. If you have more than one file, click (more attachments) to continue adding lines, then click browse and select files to attach.

You are limited on image size to 196KB each and 10 attachments per post.

To make things fit, use image editing software to reformat images to 1024x768 size or less at 72dpi suitable for screen viewing. Jpeg files (.jpg) have the option to use image compression to reduce the file size with minimal loss of image quality -- if you have the option to adjust compression a setting of 35% to 45% usually works best. Most operating systems include some utilities for this, or you may search online for freeware image editing software. Consider some of the options listed here:


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